Defamation of the citizen “Ahmed Al-Enezi” and a Syrian resident in Riyadh… and the disclosure of their crime and the punishment imposed on them

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Ministry of Commerce revealed details of the defamation of citizen Ahmed bin Mithqal bin Derk Al-Anzi and a Syrian resident named Ahmed bin Mahdi Al-Awwad, after a court ruling was issued condemning them to committing the crime of cover-up in the livestock trade in the city of Riyadh.

the offense

The ministry clarified that the undercover practiced the trade of buying and selling sheep and their fodder, as it became clear that his employer concealed him and enabled him to work for his own account, and to increase the volume of his financial transactions in a way that was not commensurate with his profession (private driver) with a salary of 2500 riyals per month and the transfer of funds resulting from the activity outside the Kingdom.

The punishment

The Criminal Court in Riyadh approved the imposition of a fine of 60,000 riyals and defamation of violators at their expense, in addition to closing the facility, liquidating the activity, writing off the commercial register, preventing the practice of commercial activity, collecting zakat, fees and taxes, and deporting the hidden resident from the Kingdom and not allowing him to return to it to work. .

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