Defense Minister visits the second Tancódromo of Venezuela and carries out exercise in a BMP-3 tank

The Sectorial Vice President of Political Sovereignty, Security and Peace and Minister of People’s Power for Defense, G / J Vladimir Padrino López, visited the second Tancodromo in Venezuela, and made the tour in the BMP-3 tank, an activity that is part of the Bolivarian Shield Exercise 2021 “Supreme Commander Hugo Chávez Frías”.

Through the publication of a video on the social network Twitter @PrensaFANB, the holder of the Defense portfolio executed a shot in the BTR-80 Nona system and verified the training of the BTR-80A, BTR-80 Nona, BMP- crew. 30.

Minister Padrino López made a tour of the firing range of Fort Guaicaipuro, located in Charallave, Miranda state, where he verified the high level of training and operational readiness of the Bolivarian National Militia in the execution of assault practices in built areas and applying the Method Revolutionary Resistance Tactician.

In the meeting with the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), the Minister of Defense sent a message: “We must prepare to defend our Homeland, which is the most sacred thing we have as soldiers. Without Homeland we would not be breathing this air, we would not be treading freely on this ground. Without Homeland there would be nothing ”.

At the same time, he congratulated the FANB Operational Strategic Command for the cohesion, training and courage shown in the exercises. “You are soldiers who come from generation to generation with your integrity and will to win.”




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