Defense of a former Arabian assures that expertise proves his innocence

Pío Nono: Defense of a former Arabian ensures that expertise proves his innocence

Pío Nono: Defense of a former Arabian ensures that expertise proves his innocence

In today’s hours, The defense of Sebastián Zamora, a former criminal formalized for the attempted murder of the adolescent Anthony Araya in a protest on the Pío Nono bridge, established that an expert report commissioned by them discards the intention of the former police officer to make the young man fall to the bed of the Mapocho river.

The criminal investigation report was carried out by the Forensic Investigation Center and established that the ex-uniformed man fulfilled his role and that he only tried to capture the young man who was fleeing from the police, contrary to the thesis of the North Central Prosecutor’s Office led by prosecutor Ximena Chong.

The document states that “the pushing has an observable and measurable mechanical action, at all times this action is not observed by the policeman”, In addition, an intention to grab the protester can be clearly observed.

“His right arm extended, his left arm flexed with the tie action at the protester’s waist and the undeniable action when the carabinier lowers his center of gravity at the moment of contact to be able to grab. A non-specialized review of these movements, Especially when watching videos in which the dynamics of the bodies is very fast, it can lead to confusion, but by freezing the images it is possible to clearly identify whether it is grabbing or pushing actions, and the review of the actions deployed by the policeman in the aforementioned video are indisputably gripping, “the report states.

In addition, within the document the experts establish that the bridge railing is lower than that established within the requirements of the Ministry of Public Works for urban bridges, being 1,100 millimeters, instead of the 1,400 established by the regulations.

“It is not sustainable that the injuries presented by the patient have been fatal without timely and effective relief, and it is not sustainable that they are related to an attempted homicide, since their production mechanism is due, usually to a fall with the upper extremities extended at the moment of contact with a hard surface, “said the report, referring to the charges established by the prosecution.

In that sense, Alejandro Peña, former prosecutor and lawyer from Zamora, I point out that the report will be vital to the position of the defense in an eventual oral trial.

It should be remembered that the ex-carabinero spent five months serving preventive detention, a precautionary measure that was changed to total house arrest and now, to night house arrest.

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