Defined the 11 mayors and legislators of the state of Bolívar

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela obtained nine mayoralties. Meanwhile, the opposition achieved two: One from the MUD and another from the Democratic Alliance.

Bolívar state already has the 11 mayors who were elected on November 21 in the regional and municipal elections.

On Monday it was announced that Tito Oviedo, of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), won the re-election of the Caroní municipality.

While, in the other municipalities, the following were elected: Sergio Hernández (Angostura del Orinoco), Yulisbeth García (Piar), Manuel de Jesús Vallé (Gran Sábana), Wuihelm Torrellas (Roscio), Benny Ramos (Father Pedro Chien) and Coromoto Lugo ( El Callao).

It should be noted that the latter, champion of the Democratic Unity Table (MUD), was until that moment the only opponent who had won a mayoralty in the region.

Rest of the municipalities

Between Tuesday and Wednesday, the page of the National Electoral Council (CNE) was updating the winners of the rest of the municipalities. Among them, Bolivariano de Angostura, Cedeño, Sifontes and Sucre were missing.

In Cedeño, Milthon Tovar (Psuv) was elected, who obtained 10,834 votes, which represents 54.55%. In second place was Carlos González (MUD) with 4,375 and 22.03%.

For Sifontes, Juan Rojas (Psuv) won with 5,392 votes, which means 63.23%. It was followed by Eudes Perroni (Ecological Movement of Venezuela) with 1,417, giving 16.62%.

Luis Hernández (Psuv) will be the mayor of Sucre by removing 4,294 demonstrations of will, which corresponds to 57.15%. In second place was Emilia Santiago (Ecological Movement of Venezuela), who obtained 2,492 votes and 33.17%.

The last mayoralty that was decided was that of Bolivariano de Angostura. In this case, it was won by Yorgi Arciniega (Democratic Alliance), by obtaining 4,065 votes, which is equivalent to 36.35%. This was followed by Rhoy Betancourt (Psuv), who got 3,877 and 34.67%.


The ruling party removed 10 of the 15 deputies to the Bolivar State Legislative Council (Cleb). The non-government parties won four legislators. There is still a parliamentarian who is the indigenous representation.

On the part of the Psuv, the main elected deputies are: Nairobys Guevara, Armando Barreto, Elizabeth Conejero, Lisbenio Muñoz and Francisco Farías.

Among the legislators who are the main opponents of the government are: Freddy Valera (MUD), Zaida Vhalis (MUD), Héctor Barrios (Ecological Movement) and Dayana Hernández (Unión y Progreso).

Among the alternate parliamentarians on the PSUV list are: Adimar Hernández, Orisy Rojas, Gilberto Alcalá, Brizeida Quiñones, Yasmel Molina, Lizer Zamora, José Hernández Sanguino, Jean Acosta, Horacio Alarcón, Grecia Echenique, Pedro Perales, Griselda Calma and Jorge Lathulerie .

While the main nominal deputies are: Dulce Guarnizo (circuit 1), Yusleibis Ramírez (circuit 2), Wilfredo Villalba (circuit 3), Carlos Zerpa (circuit 4) and Ornella Arbeláez (circuit 5).

In total, there are five main deputies for the Psuv and the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP); four main deputies list between the MUD, Ecological Movement and Union and Progress and 5 nominal, all of the red awning.

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