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PARTIAL UNEMPLOYMENT. The decree expanding the number of people considered vulnerable and eligible for partial unemployment has been published. As a reminder, the Council of State had suspended the last decree on the matter deemed unsuitable.

[Mis à jour le 16 novembre 2020 à 11h45] 15,000. This is the number of daily requests received by state services called Direccte. In two weeks, they counted more than 200,000 requests in total, reports Le Figaro. More than five million employees could thus be covered for at least one day in November, according to estimates by Dares, a statistical body attached to the Ministry of Labor. Partial unemployment is a system allowing a company forced to reduce or even cease its activity to receive a state allowance. Employees, they no longer receive their usual salary, but a partial unemployment benefit. It represents 84% of net salary during the second confinement, as for the first. What about the remainder for companies? “All sectors subject to administrative closure will be able to benefit from the partial activity mechanism with 0% of the remainder to be paid by the company., had informed Élisabeth Borne on October 29. As a reminder, the protected sectors (tourism, sport, culture and events) already benefit from 100% support, until December 31. A decree published in the Official Journal on October 30 completed the list of sectors concerned. For the other sectors, which are not subject to administrative closure, the conditions for partial activity remain the same as today: the remaining charge amounts to 15%.

In parallel with the partial activity under common law, long-term partial unemployment (APLD) was introduced in the summer. It allows companies, which sign a majority collective agreement, to reduce their activity by up to 40% for two years, in exchange for compensation on employment. The employees concerned receive compensation representing 84% of their net salary. At present, some 300,000 employees are affected by long-term partial unemployment.

Partial activity makes it possible to support companies which have to reduce or even cease their activity for one of the reasons mentioned in article R5122-1 of the Labor Code :

  • la economic conditions ;
  • un disaster or bad weather “of an exceptional nature”;
  • dit is difficulties in the supply of raw materials or energy ;
  • la ttransformation,

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