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Dejan Veljkovic: Besnik Hasi, Emilio and Yannick Ferrera also mentioned

New accusations of Dejan Veljkovic in the Footgate. The player’s agent, who enjoys repentant status, continues to give names. the day-to-day Het Nieuwsblad aborde cette liste.

The list of Dejan Veljkovic continues to lie down. This Tuesday, we were talking about 15 people with notably Herman Van Holsbeeck, Georges leekens and Ivan Leko.

This Wednesday, The newspapaer continues to swing on the dark side of football. While the former player’s agent set up a system of transfer commissions, he also set up financial structures with certain clubs to pay hidden salaries.

It is not less than nine coaches who would have won black money. Among these, the daily evokes Yannick Ferrera, Aleksander Jankovic and Besnik Hasi.

This Tuesday, it was the commissions in black that were mentioned. And this Wednesday, The newspapaer go further. Veljkovic explained to investigators that he had, with the help of the clubs concerned (Editor’s note: Anderlecht, Club Bruges, Mechelen, Genk, Standard, Lokeren and Louvain), made false contracts, including scouting.

Contracts paid to members of Veljkovic’s family or friends of Veljkovic. Once the money was received, it was repatriated to Belgium on accounts in Genk belonging to the intermediary before being withdrawn in cash and distributed to the coaches.

This system of redistributing money has affected a lot of people in the world of football. Yes Peter Maes and Aleksandar Jankovic were already mentioned, for them, it is a question of amounts around 1.5 and 2.38 million euros, other names are added.

We find Besnik Hasi, Emilio ferrera, Yannick Ferrera, Jugoslav Lazic and Erwin Lemmens. Regarding the latter, we are talking about a false scouting contract when he was at the Belgian Federation for an amount of 52,808 euros.

Regarding the accused, everyone reacts and denies the facts. “We are waiting to see what justice will do with this case“, has already replied Luc Arnou, Peter Maes’ lawyer. “Veljkovic is not telling the truth, but these incorrect statements damage his image. We will respond appropriately and refute Veljkovic’s words.

So there remains one thing to know: if this list seems credible in the eyes of the prosecution and if it will be enough to bring all these names to justice. Because in most cases, as it is black cash in cash, it is complicated to find the trace.

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