Delfina Lombardi, the player and ball catcher who was key in River’s goal

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River’s 1-0 win against Unión de Santa Fe could not have been made without the speed of the ball player on one side of the lime line.

Delfina Lombardi, the player and ball catcher who was key in River’s goal

It is not the first time it happens. Marcelo Gallardo had lowered the order that the ball catchers, at the time of official matches, be attentive and awake to quickly deliver the ball to the River players, regardless of the context of the game or the field sector. And it seems that the directive remains in the Martín Demichelis era, because River’s 1-0 against Unión was created thanks to a young ball-reacher.

De la Cruz quickly took a side, Paradela was unmarked, cross and great goal from Nacho Fernández. But before all that, Delfina Lombardi, one of the ball catchers who had to act tonight at the Monumental, was quick to give the ball to De la Cruz while the Unión players looked anywhere. Thanks to his contribution, the Millionaire opened the game.

Delfina is a River player, not just an occasional ball catcher. He was born in Bahía Blanca, took his first steps at Bella Vista, a club in his city, and at the age of 11 received his first call from the Greatestalthough he was only able to join the club a few years later when he settled in Buenos Aires with his brother.

It was fulfilling a dream. Since they told me at 11 that they wanted me to go, I already knew that I wanted to do this and today I still think the same“, he told La Nueva in an interview at the beginning of last year. At just 13 years old, he was already playing soccer with his male friends in Bella Vista.

River caught Unión asleep and made it 1-0 at the Monumental. That head that appears below in the image is Delfina Lombardi.

He is in category 2006 (he is 17 years old) and has been with the club since the beginning of 2022. He played all year in the Reserve (as an offensive midfielder and sometimes as a forward), and in addition to having emerged champion of the Reserve Tournamenthas the honor of representing the Argentine National Team: It is usually part of the calls for the female Under-17. In fact, she has already performed and scored goals in the South American that took place in Uruguay during 2022.

At the moment, Delfina is part of River’s first team squad and alternates with Reserve, while continuing to pursue his dream of playing soccer and getting a scholarship to go to the United States in search of greater competitiveness, after having tried his luck in other sports such as hockey and tennis, without any success.

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