Delhaize joins retailers that have abandoned plastic

For several years the decrease in plastic is coming to supermarket chains. After the ban on single-use plastic bags, a brand wants replace reusable models sold in breakage with paper bags.

Behind this change in material, Delhaize wants its customers to change their habits when they come to shop. These bags are intended to help out the customer when they do not come with their own reusable bags..

The brand realized that many of these plastic shopping bags were sold to customers who did not reuse them.

In order to reduce plastic production, Delhaize opted for paper rather than plastic. This change is estimated at a decrease of 300 tonnes of plastic per year. LThe long-term goal of this change is to encourage customers to bring their own reusable bags.
But the other players present in Belgium are also adapting. On the side of LIdl, we have stopped producing plastic since 2018, a decrease of 200 tonnes of plastic per year. Instead, cotton and sugar cane are preferred.

The same for Carrefour since October, with cotton or 100% recycled plastic.

And even simpler, at Colruyt we do not offer you a bag, enough to force you to bring your own.

In Wallonia and Brussels, single-use plastic bags have been permanently banned since March 1, 2020 (and January 1, 2020 in Flanders), only reusables can still be sold. Please note that not all bags are considered reusable. Standards exist to regulate their quality, and more importantly: from January 1, 2022 they will have to all be recyclable.

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