Deliveries: curfews, weather … Why Uber Eats and Deliveroo were in slow motion

“Uber Eats Snow” or “Uber Eats No Courier”. These keywords invaded the social networks of Île-de-France this Saturday evening. Indeed, hundreds of users of the home meal delivery giant have encountered many difficulties when placing their order.

On their application, the message “no courier nearby” was displayed in almost all restaurants. Because the latter were also victims of this problem. Already hard hit by the closure for several weeks due to the health context, some are trying to keep their heads above water financially with take-out sales.

A disaster for restaurateurs

“We had two orders instead of 50 for a usual Saturday evening,” laments this manager of a Vietnamese restaurant in the 15th arrondissement. It’s an evening of lost when everyone is at home and would have liked to order. “

Laura, a 28-year-old Parisian, found herself helpless when ordering for these little cousins ​​that she has to keep this weekend. “It’s a hassle, but what’s going on? She asks. “I only had one restaurant, a Japanese one, available. Suddenly the delivery time was much higher, ”explains the young woman.

According to this user, the service was already in difficulty on Friday evening. “I ordered directly from the website of the fast food restaurant. The delivery man must have been from Stuart’s. In the end, he had an Uber Eats bag and a Deliveroo coat, ”she laughs.

On the vast majority of smartphones, it is this message that appeared. DR

A (too) large number of orders

“Even if you come, I cannot sell them to you,” replies, in Boulogne-Billancourt, a manager of a pizzeria that Jérémy tried to contact directly. With his friends, he then fears finding himself with nothing to eat. Another restaurateur, less observant, will finally save the envy of these young people from Hauts-de-Seine, who will brave the curfew to obtain their Regina.

So where does the problem with the app come from? According to a spokesperson for Uber Eats, the lack of restaurants and couriers available is due to the context. “Because of the curfew at 6 pm and the weather conditions of the day, there are many requests at the same time and on the same time slot”, he explains.

Also, the adaptation of the algorithm of the dispatch dispatch system was more complicated. “We can reduce the shelves of restaurants to ensure a good delivery experience and avoid major delivery delays,” continued the spokesperson. According to a delivery man, “We must also take into account that a lot of us stayed at home tonight. They keep sending me to the other end of Paris! “. It must be said that the weather conditions did not really encourage delivery people to get on their bikes or scooters in the Paris region this Saturday. Slippery pavement, reduced visibility, cold… Like this fall, filmed in Paris by one of our journalists, the traffic conditions for those who made the deliveries were extremely dangerous in a good northern half of the country.

Also impacted, Deliveroo did not take advantage

For its part, the main competitor, Deliveroo, also struggled. “We take the safety of our customers, passengers and restaurants very seriously and are monitoring the coronavirus epidemic very closely,” he replied, to users who were able to question them.

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“Since different countries follow varying guidelines regarding lockdowns and curfews, you may find that restaurants carry this ‘soon back’ or ‘unavailable’ status from a certain time due to local government guidelines. which have conditioned the changes in the hours of our restaurant partners ”, they add. Remember that despite the curfew, restaurants can continue to make dishes that are delivered after 6 p.m.

However, some Internet users could not believe this wind of panic and implored everyone’s responsibility as snow and cold settled in Île-de-France this Saturday.

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