Deliveries: Exploring Yiddish Theater, Indian Summer, Tarn Barns, and Unconscious Science

2023-09-23 00:42:32


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The Livres de Libédossier notebookA Yiddish theater and Indian summer, a Tarn barn for armed women, a dinner invented in the Gorbachevs’ dacha and a whole “world” connected to the science of the unconscious.


Alexis Salatko Jules and Joe

Denoël, 228 pp., €18 (ebook: €12.99).

In the Dassin family, there is the barber grandfather, Samuel. He came from Odessa, hence the American surname under which he was registered upon his arrival. Salatko’s story begins in 1981 in Los Angeles. Jules pays his respects at the grave of his eldest son, Joseph Ira, known as Joe, known throughout the world as a singer when he thought he would make a name for himself as a writer and actor. He died on August 20, 1980 at age 42. The book then starts from the beginning, from birthday to birthday. August 20, 1938, Jules Dassin works in New York in a Yiddish theater, married to a violinist. She is pregnant. Two years later, we are in Hollywood, Jules is assistant to Hitchcock then under contract at MGM. As he cannot intervene on the scenarios or on the editing, he slams the door, the start of a cosmopolitan career in checkered teeth broken by McCarthyism. It culminated in 1960 in Cannes with Never on Sunday, starring Melina Mercouri, his new companion. Joe hasn’t gotten over his parents’ divorce. A resident in Switzerland, he saw little of his father, but the relationship between them was strong. In the mid-70s, when Jules was on the sidelines, Joe triumphed with Indian Summer. In this intimate biographical novel, we meet Joan Crawford and Gene Tierney, Françoise Sagan and Carlos. Jules Dassin died in 2008 at the age of 96. Cl.D.

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Sophie Pointurier Woman carrying a rifle

Harper Collins, 272 pp., 19,90 € (ebook : 14 €).

This thriller inspired by true events begins with a scene whose genesis is then explained: “I get up and I hit him

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