Delivery drones temporarily withdrawn in a Canberra neighborhood because crows were attacking them

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Wing has temporarily suspended its drone transportation service in a neighborhood of Canberra, Australia, after at least one of its drones was attacked by crows.

A video published on LinkedIn showed an Australian crow pecking at a Wing drone. The raven clung the vehicle by the rudder, one of its few parts without rotors, and almost succeeded knock it down.

Ben Roberts is a Wing customer. Australian says have received their coffee daily during confinement thanks to the drone delivery company. But “Recently, a couple of crows have been attacking the drones. “

Roberts recorded the videoo (now removed) this same monday. “It was the closest I’ve ever seen one of them to shooting down the drone: he found the weak point without rotors and really went for it,” he wrote on his LinkedIn profile.

However, el The drone was able to complete the delivery and return to Wing’s facility safely. The company, which has delivered more than 100,000 packages with drones since it began operating, has decided temporarily pause service in the zone of Canberra where the incident occurred.

“As is common during the nesting season in Australia, certain species of birds demonstrate territorial behavior and pounce on moving objects, including cyclists, pedestrians, cars, and occasionally drones,” he explained to Gizmodo in spanish a Wing spokesperson. “NOur delivery drone is built with multiple redundancies to help ensure safe operations should something like this occur “.

Drone transport companies face a variety of obstacles in the real world, starting with the regulation of espair transport and going through a myriad of logistics problems.

Wired UK published a report earlier this year on the gradual collapse of Amazon Prime Air, Amazon’s drone delivery division, a “dysfunctional” project in a “constant state of organized chaos.”

[Este artículo fue actualizado con una declaración de un portavoz de Wing. La versión original enlazaba al vídeo (ahora eliminado) del incidente].


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