News Delivery men block delivery of Deliveroo dishes for Valentine's...

Delivery men block delivery of Deliveroo dishes for Valentine’s Day


Twenty independent deliverers blocked the shared kitchens of the British company Deliveroo in Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis) on Friday evening to demand better working conditions, thus preventing the delivery of dishes from this site, noted a AFP journalist.

The entry of “Deliveroo Éditions”, the first concept of shared kitchens with “fifteen restaurants” opened in France in Saint-Denis in July 2018 to better serve the north of Paris, was blocked from 19H00.

The deliverers who came to work were unable to retrieve customer orders, “a strong message” on Valentine’s Day evening for Jérôme Pimot, spokesperson for Clap (Collective of autonomous deliverers in Paris), who obtained the “closure” of the site.

“The platform prides itself on making 40% more turnover on February 14,” he commented. We therefore want to touch her revenues directly so that she understands that it is time to increase the price of the races which does not stop falling since last July “.

Le Clap calls for better remuneration for delivery men who exercise the status of self-employed.

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“We call for a boycott of the platform so that people go to eat elsewhere because eating a meal delivered by an exploited worker is not super glamorous,” he continued.

Shortly after 8:00 p.m., part of the demonstrators decided to head for Courbevoie to block the second “Deliveroo Éditions” of France, inaugurated in October 2018.

Contacted by AFP, the management of Deliveroo did not follow up.


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