Deloitte expects Metaverse to reach 2.4% of GDP across Asia by 2035.

Deloitte Analysis Metaverse’s impact on GDP across Asia could reach US$1.4 trillion a year by 2035 if sustained investments are made. In Thailand, it is expected to be worth $11 to $21 billion per year, or 1.3% to 2.4% of total GDP in 2035.

Results from Deloitte’s latest analysis. The metaverse’s impact on gross domestic product (GDP) across Asia is estimated at $0.8 to $1.4 trillion per year by 2035, about 1.3 to 2.4 percent of that. GDP which may increase in the long term If sustainable technology investments are made over the next five to ten years, however, progress and speed of adoption will depend on the strategies that each country’s underlying economy may adopt to accelerate the economic benefits from. metaverse

this analysis It’s part of the report.Metaverse in Asia – Strategies to Accelerate Economic TransformationIt highlights the potential metaverse changes in 12 countries across Asia (Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mainland China, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam) and highlights the strategies the countries are choosing to implement. Take advantage of the metaverse This report describes how different countries enter the world of Metaverse. As a result, this region is especially worth watching.

Millions of people in Asia are already using the Metaverse platform in its early stages.

The understanding of Metaverse in Asia is high. And millions of people use the Metaverse platform in its early stages. Whether it’s playing games, socializing, creating Digital Twins (Digital Twins), watching concerts, and buying products, for example, the Zepeto app in South Korea has more than 300 million registered users worldwide. A full-featured, real-time display for millions of users around the world to access simultaneously. It still needs to be developed for a long time.

Metaverse will transform the Asian economy.

Although early estimates suggest that Metaverse has great potential for global growth and revenue. But the timing and magnitude of the economic impact remain challenging to predict. It also depends on a variety of socio-economic factors and drivers.

However, Metaverse is seen as creating a new market. new business and employment opportunities, and transforming the way we work, use and collaborate for the better. if fully developed There will be changes affecting over 4 billion people in the region.

Asia is an exciting region to watch in the development of Metaverse.

From software, hardware, regulators to operators. Culture to digital talent The Asian economy promotes Metaverse in every way, with the region having several key strengths, including:

  • Asia dominates the hardware supply chain. in terms of raw materials and manufacturing of electronic equipment and

  • There are over a billion mobile gamers in the region. which is the largest source of mobile game players in the world

  • South Korea is the first major economy to draw up a comprehensive blueprint for Promote and drive the metaverse industry

  • In terms of regulation, Singapore, Hong Kong, India and other countries have created a business environment. positive and set clear rules for prevention To ensure that both businesses and consumers can use Metaverse safely.

  • Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam continue to build new business models. Especially in the small and medium business group, including creating new innovations. via web3 and blockchain technology

  • The region has a rich cultural heritage to choose from in order to develop engaging content and experiences. For example, Japan has taken advantage of being a pioneer in the video game industry. in building industry
    new metaverse

  • India, the Philippines, and Pakistan are home to many world-class technology talent.

“Metaverse is inevitable. development of technology groups human resources and regulatory criteria Ensuring the Potential of Asia’s Multi-Trillion Dollar Metaverse It will benefit many industries and economic activities.” Mr. Dulicha Kulsuriya, Managing Director, Center for the Edge Deloitte Southeast Asia say

“The future is bright for Metaverse. It does not just need government support. but also to those who play a role in the entire ecosystem. While the Metaverse is still in its infancy. Now is the right time for business and Trial player Gain an advantage in the Metaverse. Including looking for opportunities that enhance that advantage.” Mr. Dulicha added

Metaverse in Thailand

According to Deloitte’s analysis point out that Potential Metaverse Economic Impact in 2017 2035 in Thailand will be $11 to $21 billion per year, or 1.3% to 2.4% of overall GDP.

Thailand is a country to watch because of the many new Metaverse projects in the business sector. The sector’s willingness to take risks is largely due to the fact that Thai consumers are always connected to the platform. It was ranked as a weekly online shopper. Cryptocurrency holders And users of mobile banking applications are among the top in the world. In addition, Thailand has a technological background. with strength as the original capital and the fastest broadband fix in the world as well

Key factors that will enhance the potential for Thailand include leveraging strong entrepreneurship, promoting security and privacy initiatives. and building confidence inAccess to various channels by improving connectivity in provincial areas

Key sectors to watch include:

1. Tourism: before the spread of the COVID-19 virus The tourism sector contributes around 18% of annual GDP to revenue. Leveraging the virtual reality experience in Metaverse has increased the appeal of international travellers, such as The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Thailand) has begun trial use. With the launch of the “Amazing Thailand Metaverse: Amazing Durian” project, tourists can experience virtual tourism.

2. Creative services: Thailand is a major exporter of creative industries and recently developed an augmented reality AI-powered influencer called “AI-Ailynn” to showcase the country’s technological potential. In addition, Thailand has applied tokenisation creatively. to attract new funding sources for creative industry projects such as film

“Metaverse offers a new platform for creating value through the collaboration of creative talent. business and technology in Thailand. Thai businesses should take advantage of the opportunities offered by Metaverse. to create a unique customer experience and will benefit the organization, the economy and society as a whole.” Dr. Naren Chutijirawong, Executive Director of Clients & Markets, Deloitte Thailand say

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