Delta variant multiplies admissions in Moscow hospitals

Vaccination campaigns are redoubled in Russia due to the advance of the delta variant of the coronavirus.

Moscow authorities have registered 114 deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours, the highest daily death toll in the Russian capital since March 2020.

That is 16 more deaths than on June 25, when the previous fatal mark was reached. In total, 22,086 people have died from covid-19 in the Russian capital since the outbreak of the pandemic.

On the other hand, the positives for covid-19 decreased in Moscow to 6,723 infections, while nationwide infections stood at 20,538 and deaths at 599.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobianin admitted that the indian strain, the delta variant, whose incubation period is a few days, is the cause of the current rebound, since that of Wuhan affects less than 5% of cases.

“The situation is such that we are suffering from the pandemic again. The epidemic (…) is rampant in Moscow. We are hospitalizing almost two thousand patients a day, “he warned and admitted that the workload in the city’s hospitals has doubled.

And he insisted that “to stop the pandemic one thing is needed: rapid mass vaccination“and that the rest, including confinement, are” provisional measures. ”

Although the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, was against mandatory vaccination, Sobianin decreed in mid-June the obligation to be vaccinated for at least 60% of employees in the service sector, an example that many Russian regions are emulating.

Several people were arrested in Moscow on Saturday in a protest against compulsory vaccination called by the Communist Party. According to polls, only one in five Russians supports that option.

According to Health, more than 21 million of a total of 146 million Russians have already received the first dose of the vaccine, a figure considered too low to achieve herd immunity this year.

Russia now adds 5,451,291 positives –the fifth country in the world in that category after the US, India, Brazil and France– and 133,282 deaths from covid-19, although independent sources multiply the official figures by two and three.


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