News Delta waives a two-year change fee for passengers scheduled...

Delta waives a two-year change fee for passengers scheduled to fly in April and May


Good news for travelers who will soon no longer want to fly due to the ongoing corona virus pandemic: Delta Air Lines is changing its rebooking guidelines fundamentally.

Passengers now have the flexibility to change their flights for up to two years without paying a high change fee. Tickets usually expire after a year, but the Atlanta-based airline announced on Friday that it will extend its travel policies until May 31, 2022.

The two-year window applies to customers who fly in April or May and have booked until April 3, as well as to customers whose flights have been canceled or who have flight eCredits during this time.

Travelers who purchased tickets between March 1st and May 31st can still change their flight without a change fee, but are only eligible for one year from the date of purchase.

The extension takes place about a month after Delta said that travelers who have tickets to any destination in March and April can change or cancel their flight without paying a change fee regardless of when they bought the ticket.

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Do you want your money back Wait for your flight to be canceled

If you bought your ticket after the deadline or would like a refund instead of a credit note, there is still hope.

All major airlines have updated their reservation change guidelines since Coronavirus affected the industry in January. You have issued exemptions that allow travelers to change or cancel upcoming flights at no charge, typically starting at $ 200 per person.

What the waivers do not allow, at least for non-refundable tickets: a refund that has confused, surprised and angry travelers.

The only way to get a refund is to contact a friendly airline representative – or have your flight canceled.

How to get a refund: Airlines owe you a refund if you cancel a flight. Why does United flinch during the coronavirus crisis?

When airlines cancel a flight, whether due to a public health coronavirus emergency, a winter storm, a hurricane, or a mechanical problem, passengers are eligible for a refund even if they have a non-refundable ticket, including restrictive Basic Economy tickets. Airlines do not always send out this option and prefer to rebook a passenger or issue a credit so that they retain their earnings.

Airlines have flocked flights to cope with a sharp drop in demand, and cutbacks are getting steeper every day. Delta reduced 70% of its capacity and parked 600 aircraft.

This means that more travelers flying Delta in the coming months may be canceling their flights.

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This article originally appeared in the United States TODAY: Coronavirus: Delta waives flights for 2 years on flights in April and May


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