Demand for crypto miners in Russia surges even as crypto prices fall |Cryptocurrency in Kerala| Manorama Online Sampadyam

It’s an open secret that many of the crypto world’s biggest miners are from Russia. Due to the collapse in the price of cryptos, many big miners are reportedly leaving Russia with their powerful mining computers and other related equipment. International media reports that there is a good demand in Russia to buy and mine these devices despite the fall in crypto prices.

There are reports that fraudsters are using new types of apps and tricks to infiltrate crypto wallets. Hackers who infiltrated Delhi AIIMS server have demanded Rs 200 crore worth of cryptocurrency. The information of 4 crore patients has been deleted by hackers.

Today’s prices, 24-hour and seven-day price differences and market capitalization of the 7 cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalization (market cap) are given below.

This article is only for objective analysis of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency investment is not encouraged.

English Summary : Cryptocurrency Prices in Last Week

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