Dembélé could have already designed his exit plan from Barça

Ousmane Dembele arrived at FC Barcelona in 2017 to become the big star he was expected to be after shining at Borussia Dortmund. The Frenchman was only 20 years old at the time and a very promising future ahead of him, but three seasons later it can be said that it has stalled. The Frenchman has not only failed, at least for the moment, in his attempt to become a ‘crack’, but he has not even managed to settle at Barça.

Physical problems have been the great enemy of Vernon’s in his years in the Barcelona team and have prevented him from playing regularly. The international for France has been injured too much and has missed many games, but when he has recovered he has not given the level either. For this reason, in the club there are doubts with him and last summer an attempt was made to transfer him without success.

The culés wanted to get rid of Dembélé and looked for a sale to Manchester United that did not arrive. The player refused to leave on loan with a purchase option, which was what Barcelona was looking for, and finally stayed. But his soap opera has only just begun and at the Camp Nou they fear that the footballer already has a strategy designed to not leave a single euro in the coffers of the Barça.

In ‘Sport‘ and ‘Mundo Deportivo’ they assure that the winger, advised by his environment, would be clear that he does not want to renew with the culé team and that his objective is to leave with the letter of freedom when his contract ends. The Frenchman has signed until 2022, so his plan would be to stay in Barcelona and go then completely free to any large team that wants you.

Dembélé wants to leave for free in 2022

In this way, Ousmane would manage to continue earning the almost 10 million euros per year that he earns in Barcelona for two more years, and would also pocket a juicy bonus for signing in 2022. That is the great fear of the Barça team, which they fear they will not be able to do nothing. Several attempts have been made to talk to him to expand their bond, but the player has dragged himself and he has refused to speak, something that suggests that he has already decided that he will leave the club in two years.

For this reason, Barça wants to transfer him at all costs as soon as possible, since they do not want to run out of money for him. The problem is that in the summer of 2021 it will be the last opportunity to get some economic profit and it seems that the attacker will refuse to leave again. With so little margin, it is Dembélé who has the upper hand, something that does not like within the entity, who increasingly have assumed that it will end up going free in two campaigns.

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