Democrat Warnock takes last vacant seat in US Senate

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Von: Fabian Mueller

The last Senate seat has been won in Georgia. Democrat Raphael Warnock won the runoff against Republican opponent Herschel Walker.

Update from December 7, 06:22: In the USA, the last Senate seat has now been taken: Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock was able to defend his post against his Republican challenger Herschel Walker in a runoff election in the state of Georgia. Several media reported the victory based on vote counts and forecasts, including the TV stations CNN and NBC.

The wafer-thin majority of the Democrats around President Joe Biden thus increases to 51 out of 100 seats. The runoff had become necessary because none of the candidates achieve an absolute majority in the first ballot of the Midterms could.

Democrat Raphael Warnock has won the runoff for a Senate seat in Georgia. © picture alliance/dpa/AP | John Bazemore

Warnock’s victory spelled another defeat for former President Donald Trump, who campaigned for Walker.

The former football star came under pressure during the election campaign after two women accused him of pressuring them into abortions after having affairs with him. This is also piquant because Walker is considered a strict opponent of abortion. He denies the allegations.

Polling stations open in Georgia: Runoff elections could strengthen Biden and Democrats

First report from December 6, 2022 – Atlanta – Four weeks after the US congressional elections Georgia has started a runoff for the last vacant Senate seat. The polling stations opened on Tuesday morning (local time). In the election, Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock and his Republican challenger Herschel Walker are again up against each other. Neither of them were in first attempt in the congressional elections to more than 50 percent of the votes came – according to the electoral law in Georgia, a runoff election was therefore necessary.

The Democrats already had one in the election in early November razor-thin majority in the Senate secured. However, they lost their majority in the House of Representatives. However, the Democratic Party now has a chance to potentially increase the Senate majority by one seat. According to German time, the polling stations do not close until Wednesday.

Runoff elections in Georgia: Democrats have so far won 50 out of 100 seats in the Senate

As of now, the Democrats have 50 out of 100 seats in the Senate, giving them a razor-thin lead. The reason is that the Democratic US Vice President Kamala Harris, who is also President of the Senate, is allowed to vote in a deadlock. That means even if Republicans win in Georgia, the Senate balance of power would be 50-50, as it has been for the past two years – and Harris would keep the Democrats a slim majority. Should the Georgia Democrats win, they would have 51 Senate seats and no longer need Harris to tip the scales.

For US President Joe Biden the runoff election is still important – because it could weaken an influential obstructionist in the ranks of his party. ex-president Donald Trump hopes his protége Walker wins and saves him another defeat. Trump had supported Walker in the election campaign before the Midterms.

Republican Herschel vs. Democrat Warnock: Georgia runoff election underway

The Georgia campaign drew a lot of attention. Against the 53-year-old black Pastor Warnock, the Republicans sent the black ex-football star Herschel Walker into the race. The 60-year-old came under a lot of pressure during the election campaign. Two women accused him of pressuring them to have an abortion. Walker came out as a strict opponent of abortion and rejected the allegations. (dpa/fmü)

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