Democrats divided on who should get the $ 1,400

Democratic senators are divided over who should receive the next round of stimulus payments, creating a dispute as they try to pass checks for $ 1,400 in the next Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic aid package.

The most recent round of stimulus checks was limited to people earning more than $ 99,000 a year or couples earning more than $ 198,000.

US President Joe Biden recommended the same threshold in his $ 1.9 trillion disease relief package.

However, several Democrats want that income limit lowered.

Joe Manchin, a Democratic senator from Virgnia, said he wants to make sure “higher-income taxpayers are not eligible” for the checks, according to a non-binding amendment he and several other Democrats plan to push during the vote on budget documents.

Manchin’s statements do not define “high income,” a term that has been used by lawmakers to describe a wide range of wealth.

Even the co-sponsors of the Virginia senator’s amendment disagree on what the threshold should be.


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