[Demo]”Dragon Quest Day’s Great Adventure Burning Soul Bonds” RPG “ドラゴンクエストダイの大冒険-魂の風-” where you can adventure with your beloved character without a gashapon

A closed beta test has been conducted in April of this year, and related demo reports have been published in the past. The official pointed out that this game has been improved and adjusted through feedback obtained through CBT, and the official version is aimed at “in-depth discussion on the cultivation side”.

This is the first to play the official version of the game content. In addition to explaining the main content of the game again, the new elements will also be introduced to you.

In addition, the mobile version of the pre-registration has only accepted the Android version in the past, and recently it has also begun to accept the pre-registration of the iOS version. Despite this, the cumulative number of logins exceeded 1.5 million on September 7, which shows that “Da Yi’s Adventure” does have a pretty good response.

Those who haven’t completed the pre-login, please take the opportunity to confirm it.

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※ The pictures used in this manuscript are all game screens of the development version

Relive the fetters of Burning Soul!Sweep away the refreshment of the enemy
Semi-automatic 3-line action battle!

There are two main plots for this game. One is “Dragon’s Track (竜の記)” that can review the animation plot, and the other is the original game world “Miradocia” that is “inside”. (Temporary translation, ミラドシア)” the adventure process “the journey of fetters (遊の旅路)”.

The former can see the active figure of the familiar protagonist Dayi, while the latter is the “fetter brave” who saves Miradocia by the player himself, together with the brave heroes who are active in the world (Dai, Pope, etc.) Work together to challenge the different sky god Jefaluo (ゼバロ) who is trying to destroy two neighboring worlds.

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Players can travel through the world of both sides, read each other’s story, walk through levels, and use the gained experience points and props to strengthen their partners. It is basically a single-player RPG game, but there are also game contents that support multiplayer.

Characters such as Pop and Mamm, these partners who start the adventure together do not need to start with a treasure hunt (equivalent to drawing cards), but are “determined to participate in the battle according to the progress of the story and the activity”, as long as the main storyline and other content are naturally explored Can gather partners. It is indeed very happy to be able to team up with fans of the original work with members I like.

The battle when passing the level is a semi-automatic action combat method that walks on three straight lines to fight the enemy. When fighting with the enemy, it will automatically use the basic attack. You only need to manually block or evade, and activate the special effects, and you can enjoy a combat experience that combines a sense of speed and a sense of refreshment.

Special effects (active skills) will enter a cooldown after activation. However, if you destroy the enemy when activated, the remaining time of the cooldown will be reduced.

In addition, if you use special skills to destroy an enemy, you can launch a high-speed moving “Super Charge” (スーパーダッシュ) toward the next enemy. If you are used to this operation, you can enjoy the speed of sweeping the enemy with special skills at high speed.

It’s just that it’s hard to have this kind of offensive one-sided situation when entering a BOSS battle. Most powerful enemies will use the “Time Attack” (Kakento Attack), which is a powerful attack after a certain period of time. They can block or evade according to the opponent’s actions, or use special skills to interrupt the enemy’s attack action. The model has a fairly good understanding.

What can come in handy at this time is the special move activated by the storage of the secret gauge (ゲージ) in the attack, “the secret”. In the original work, the well-known Abang-style fast swords and powerful moves such as Merazoma (メラゾーマ) are all trusted sources of damage in BOSS battles.

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  • If you use special skills to cause enough damage before the powerful enemy uses a powerful attack, the enemy will be dizzy with “CHANCE”. Then continue to perform special skills and profound meanings,
    Pushing the enemy into the BREAK POINT is the so-called “BOSS BREAK (ボスブレイク)”.The enemy will enter a state of defenselessness at a certain time

The maximum number of participants in the battle team is 4, but the players that can directly operate are only the protagonist and the characters set as “partners”. Therefore, in the battle, you only need to pay attention to the status of the two characters to switch, and you do not need to control the actions of all the players.

In the part of the character’s growth system, in addition to the “equipment” obtained by drawing cards, there is also the “professional” of the protagonist. Profession is not only a “brave”, you can also change to a “warrior”, “magic”, “monk” and other professions to experience more diverse combat methods.

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On the other hand, original characters such as Dayi or Pope also have the “style (style)” that has quite a professional function. This part is a system that gradually appears on the stage according to the story and can switch the abilities and appearances of these characters.

If you have seen the original work, you will surely think of several characters who have grown and changed in “Dai’s Adventure” here. At that time, it will be quite interesting to see in what style the growth of your favorite character will be presented.

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  • Profession and style abilities can be enhanced by putting consumer materials into “Body”

The “Tethered Wheel” that expands the range of character development
The “burning soul crystal” that is distressing to choose from personal characteristics

From here, we will introduce the parts that have been strengthened in the official version.

The first is the “Tethered Sky Wheel” which CBT also appeared on. Originally, it was a system that could confirm the “fetters” between the characters that became partners. In the official version, according to the level of the fetters, the abilities of the character will also be strengthened at the same time.

Bonds can be accumulated by participating in the level strategy at the same time. After the value is increased, in addition to unlocking individual character plot levels, the total bond level with all partners will reach a certain level, and there will be a blessing of “the total bond level special effect”, except for one kind The means to strengthen the team’s combat effectiveness also significantly helped the level strategy.

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The other system, “Burning Soul Crystal (魂の晶)”, which appeared as a new element, is an equipment and enhancement system that corresponds to each character (different in style). “Soul Burning Crystal (as an equipment item)” can be equipped with 3 (※) on a character, and the ability of the character can be strengthened according to the “Soul Burning Skill (魂スキル)” possessed by the equipped crystal.

※The function of “Burning Soul Crystal” and the maximum number of equipment slots of the crystal are unlocked in stages according to the progress of the storyline or the accumulation of bond levels

These crystals are based on the main characters that appeared in the original plot, and many characters that embellish the plots of various scenes are included. Together with the equipment, they are equipment items that can be obtained through cards and other channels.


Each crystal has multiple soul burning skills (always activated), and additional effects such as increased attack power or increased HP can make the character’s performance to the next level.

For Dayi, give priority to soul burning skills that strengthen physical attack power. Pop is suitable for soul burning skills that strengthen flame attribute magic. Try to find crystals and soul burning skills that can match the characteristics of the character.

In addition, the “Soul Burning Skill Points” obtained when you pass the level can be selected for the Soul Burning Skills, and the effect value of each skill can be re-selected. To put it simply, “From the 1% to 10% UP of the offensive power, a lottery can be carried out before the higher effects appear.” There is no payment element in the process of washing the value. As long as you continue to play the game, the possibility of washing out a high value will increase.


In addition, the “Resonance” will appear when the Soul Burning Crystal is equipped, which will increase the basic value of the equipped character to a certain extent. The increase in this value is based on the suitability of the equipment character and each crystal, and the number of crystals that are combined and matched together.

Strictly speaking, it is still a project under adjustment, but at that time you will be able to see the appearance of different equipment characters “suitable for Komei”, “very different from Hadra. But the soul burning skills are very attractive”, “Hugher and Kuroktaiin” The combination of crystals matches well” and so on, the content of the influence is set in the game. When combining, you can refer to the “restore the golden ratio of the original” to adjust, or you can go the other way, implement a good combination that can only be seen in the game, etc., which really makes people look forward to this part of the gameplay. Immediately after launch, find a crystal combination that suits you.

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  • Specifically, it can be divided into the “friendship resonance” generated by the suitability of the character and the crystal, and (attribute and classification) the “soul type resonance (ソウルタイプ resonance)” generated when crystals of the same soul type are equipped.May wish to refer to the file introduction in the Crystal Narrative and imagine a combination that might resonate.

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  • The status of resonance will be marked by the value of “Resonance”, which can be increased to 100% at most
    Resonance is not only related to friendship resonance or the suitability of the soul type, the effect of resonance can also be improved through the level enhancement of the crystal itself.

After the trial version of the official version, the main impression is that the strengthening of the growth factors such as the bond sky wheel and the burning soul crystal has increased the depth of the character training. In particular, the increase in overall abilities brought about by the total value of the bond level, and the soul-burning crystal upgrade base panel has considerable effects on the strategy, and it is also expected to become an opportunity for players to use more characters, or to raise them. The motivation lies.

Although other details of the modification part have not been publicly confirmed, but the official CBT closed beta that was held publicly under quite a bit of heat is the blueprint for the improvement, and the game experience must have been modified internally.

September 28, not far from the official launch. Feel free to imagine “the adventure combination you want most”, and find a partner on this journey in advance with the goal of up to 3 people playing simultaneously.

(C) Sanjo Riku, Inada Hiroshi / Shueisha, “Dai’s Adventure” Production Committee, TV TOKYO (C) 2020, 2021 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. (C) 2021 DeNA Co., Ltd.


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