Demon Slayer: They forge Tanjiro’s sword in real life

Demon Slayer live in a sweet moment within the industry, so fans and even some companies take the opportunity to make all kinds of tributes and products related to the work created by Koyoharu Gotōge, although one of the most spectacular has undoubtedly been this sword of Tanjiro which has been forged by a talented group of blacksmiths in real life.

Through its YouTube channel, The Works delights the followers of Kimetsu no Yaiba with a video that shows us the entire creation process to accurately recreate the sword of the protagonist of the series.

The Works team has made Tanjiro’s katana as part of a collaboration with Funimation, and they have said that after 6 months of hard work they finally achieved a weapon very similar to that of the Demon Hunter.

The process of making Tanjiro’s sword is a lot of fun to watch, as they have followed the more traditional blacksmithing methods to make the result as accurate as possible, and they have certainly succeeded. Of course, the fans have reacted very positively, and surely more than one would like to have this collector’s item, especially if we have the relevance it has for Tanjiro, and that this way he can fulfill his particular desire for revenge.

How about Tanjiro’s sword from Demon Slayer in real life?


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