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This time at the Taipei Game Show, “Crouching Dragon: Fallen Heaven”, which was very popular, has successively exhibited and staged activities in its own Koei Tecmo and Xbox. Producer Fumihiko Yasuda and development producer Shinaki Yamaji were interviewed by the media to talk about more details of “Partner Generals”.

Yasuda Fumihiko revealed that he has not been to the Taipei Game Show for a long time. This time he visited the booth experience of “Crouching Dragon: Heaven Falls”, and found that there is currently only a 30% winning rate to defeat the monster “Feng Xi” of Dongshan.

Incidentally, the details of computer hardware requirements for “Crouching Dragon: Fallen Heaven” will be made public before the final trial version on February 24. This final trial version is the opening part of the game, you can explore as much as you want, but there is a level cap.

The victorious, the revengeful, and the crushing defeat

Yasuda Fumihiko said that because “King of Kings” died, “King of Kings” used “die“Two Chinese characters, and caused a topic among the players.

Therefore, “Crouching Dragon: Heaven Falls” also uses the same point. Although the Japanese may not understand the full meaning, because there are similar Chinese characters, it can be guessed and understood.

The player is not a capable general in this work, but a miscellaneous soldier, and conducts various exchanges with various camps, and the plot will not change because of choosing a specific camp.

On the contrary, players can choose fellow generals from different camps, and freely choose when to undertake side missions.

Because “Crouching Dragon: Heaven Falls” is a relatively specific content of the Three Kingdoms era, it is relatively difficult for other IP characters to enter, but the official follow-up is expected to combine with the pinching system to provide plans for characters similar to other IPs.

After a long period of revision, the unreasonable difficulty in “Crouching Dragon: Fallen Heaven” has been corrected, and the judgment timing has also been adjusted, as well as the smoothness of the animation and movement when the player drinks the medicine. In addition, props will be used to complete the content that is not explained in the plot.

Demonized General ≠ Villain

Partner generals can choose their favorite objects, deepen friendship and get equipment. The general’s own ability strength will be automatically adjusted according to the strength of the level, and no additional training is required.

In addition to the specific generals recommended by the system, players can also choose to fight alone; if they choose the specific generals suggested by the system, specific dialogues will be unlocked along the way.

Players can order, support, defend and other exclusive actions to their partner generals, and the generals will make corresponding strategies according to the player’s choice.

How many demonized generals are there, and who will be demonized?Yasuda Fumihiko only revealed that players who are familiar with “Three Kingdoms” should be able to guess the list to some extent.

In the part of demonized generals, taking Yan Liang and Wen Chou as examples, the appearance of demonized generals will show the characteristics of abilities, while retaining some characteristics of human form. And special actions are carried out, such as Wen Chou and Yan Liang will help each other revive each other.

Because “magic generals ≠ villains”, the plot will describe the cause, effect and state of choosing demonization, which are important parts of the plot.

The plot is a satisfactory interpretation method for players who love originality and are familiar with the history of the Three Kingdoms.

Yasuda Fumihiko said that since the trial version in September 2022, the opinions of players and the company’s internal reactions have been integrated and placed in the final trial version. He is already very confident and should not disappoint players.

Some final words to the players

Yasuda Fumihiko:In 2017, I came to Taiwan to promote “Nioh”, and originally planned to come to Taiwan again in 2020 to promote “Nioh 2”, but it was canceled when it was about to arrive (affected by the epidemic).

It was a great encouragement for me to set foot on Taiwan again after 3 years and see many players try it out at the venue. If you can’t wait for the launch, you can download the trial version and try it out.

Masaaki Yamagiwa:I came to Taiwan a long time ago to promote “Curse of Blood”. This time I am very happy to come to Taiwan again because of the promotion of “Crouching Dragon: Fallen Heaven”. I was very happy to see many players trying it in the booth.

I hope that “Crouching Dragon: Heaven Falls” can be enjoyed by everyone, whether it is the story or the action, thank you.

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