Demon’s Souls is not finally coming to PC


Sony has confirmed that the final description of the Demon’s Souls gameplay trailer was incorrect and the game will be exclusive to PS5, not finally reaching PC. The trailer has already been removed from all channels and the company itself has confirmed the error.

Original News

Near the end of the PS5 game presentation event, Sony, Japan Studio and Bluepoint Studios presented us with the first gameplay trailer for Demon’s Soul. The game that started the entire Dark Souls lineage is coming to the next generation of consoles with an impressive remake. A job that we can enjoy on PC, as confirmed tonight.

At the end of the trailer, which you can see under these lines, you can see how in small print, below, it says that the game will be available on PC.

Demon’s Souls will bring death to PC

It is true that it remains to be seen if it will be a simultaneous launch on both systems or if it will have some kind of temporary exclusivity on the Sony console. Be that as it may, Demon’s Souls will feature a nice facelift and improved gameplay.

There is currently no estimated release date for Demon’s Souls on PC.



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