Demon’s Souls Remake is exclusive to PS5: Sony rectifies the information of the gameplay trailer

Update: Sony has rectified the information on the original trailer for Demon’s Souls Remake: He has deleted the original video -which you can continue to see inserted in this news– and has explained to Kotaku It must be a PS5 exclusive game, despite the fact that at the end of the trailer it was said that it would also be released on PC and that the exclusivity on consoles was for a limited time. It has been a human error that has already been solved.

Original news: Today, during the event of PS5 whose summary in Spanish you can see here, a trailer of the gameplay of Demon’s Souls Remake, the reissue of one of From Software’s most memorable titles. Here Japan Studio y Bluepoint Games They have redesigned the dark fantasy game and wanted to show what it looks like on the next generation Sony console.

After the event, PlayStation has confirmed that Demon’s Souls Remake be a PS5 launch game, something that Geoff Keighley, from The Game Awards, had already announced on Twitter. There is one more detail: the official price of this game will be 79,99 in Spain.

As we say, this is the first time we see the remake of Demon’s Souls moving. It has been shown in great detail in a extenso vdeo gameplay in which we not only see combat with enemies in the environment, but also with one of the final bosses of the game. You can see the gameplay trailer below:

As you can see in the trailer, Demon’s Souls Remake will also be released on PC and does not rule out being published also on other consoles, as it is specified that it is a temporary exclusive game on PS5 consoles.

Graphics improvements, but also in gameplay

In addition, this new video offers a new official description of Demons Souls Remake: “Venture into the fog-ridden kingdom of Boletaria. Here, death is not the end, and again the challenge seems insurmountable. But this dark world draws you in anyway, with its sumptuous sights and chilling sounds,” he says. the text.

Mention is also made of the improvements that the game will receive on PS5, especially in relation to the DualSense hepatic response, the console controller, and the sound in three dimensions. Precisely that was recently discussed in an entry on the official PlayStation blog: “The fighting of Demons Souls they are darker, more sinister and more lethal, allowing us to feel each blow of our weapon against the enemies or as we cast our powerful spells “.

As we said at the beginning, there has been no news regarding the launch date of Demons Souls Remake, but it has been specified when the console will come out and at what price: PS5 It will go on sale in Spain on November 19 At a price of 399 for the Digital Edition and 499 for the standard version, which includes a disc reader.


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