Demon’s Souls Remake: The Mysterious Door Has Been Opened – News

Yesterday, November 19, the French were able to get their hands on the PlayStation 5, but also on the remake of Demon’s Souls, already approached by players from other territories. Very quickly, a mystery fueled much speculation. That of a mysterious door that the explorers tried to open in vain. And it was the Distortion2 player who finally managed to defeat her.


If you don’t want to know what the famous door of Demon’s Souls Remake is hiding, it is obviously not recommended to read this article.

It has now been a few days since the player Distortion2 try to open the famous door of Demon’s Souls Remake using a variety of glitches. While streaming on Twitch a few hours ago, he hooked up with merchant Sparkly the Raven in level 4-1 to trade him 30 Rare Ceramic Coins for a Rusty Key. This one you’ll get. guessed, fits perfectly into the lock of the door, behind which rested the armor of the Penetrator, known to be worn by one of the bosses of the game. For information, you have the possibility to loot these parts in the Fractured Mode, which puts the game in mirror mode.

Proudly worn by the streamer, the armor is also displayed in images from his Twitter account. “We have solved the mystery of the hidden door! Thank you for realizing such a big secret to involve the whole community.“, he addressed earlier to Bluepoint.

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