Demonstrations: The Dirpa alerts on the Fakes News concerning the Armies

The Directorate of Information and Public Relations of the Senegalese army split a tweet on Saturday to alert the populations to the many false information circulating concerning the armies. According to the Dirpa, compatriots will appreciate with discernment.

Much false information, mostly biased, is circulating at the moment concerning the Armies. Our compatriots will know how to appreciate with discernment.“, The Dirpa tweeted.

Fakes News

Following the events in Ziguinchor, information circulated stating the withdrawal of the Army from law enforcement operations, “after accusations of using live ammunition on protesters“. Allegations denied by the Dirpa.


In Senegal, at least five deaths have been deplored since the start of the demonstrations linked to the arrest of Ousmane Sonko on Wednesday. The opponent accused of disturbing public order was taken into custody. The tension remains high in Dakar. In a short statement, the Minister of the Interior, Antoine Félix Abdoulaye Diome affirmed that the government will employ “all the necessary means”To restore order.

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