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[The Epoch Times, January 28, 2022](Reported by The Epoch Times reporter Zhong Youchun) The 42-year-old mainland male starDeng Chao, recently tested on the showbody metabolic ageOnly 27 years old, making him happy to circle around the recording site.while his actor wifeSun LiAfter seeing the test results, she proudly said that Deng Chao’s change had something to do with her.

It can be seen from Weibo dynamics,Deng ChaoIn recent years, I have been following the “health expert”Sun LiThere have been many changes in school health, lifestyle and eating habits.

Deng Chao said in a talk show earlier that he could not climb mountains by himself compared to Sun Li, and exclaimed: “Sun Li can climb three mountains in a row, with amazing physical strength and speed!”

For more than 10 years, Sun Li has starred in works from “Jade Goddess of Mercy” to “The Legend of Zhen Huan” to “Ideal City”. Although the roles of film and television dramas are constantly changing, her appearance and posture in life seem to have not degraded. She will work. And life is very well done.

Sun Li’s previous physical condition was not very good, and she often had migraine, diarrhea, allergies, and acne. After reflecting on the reasons for these problems, she began to study various health tips.

The first is “Four Seasons Health Care”. Sun Li’s health preservation method has always followed the solar terms. She will adapt to different seasons and different solar terms and make corresponding adjustments in the health preservation model. For example, if you eat buds in spring, melons in summer, fruits in autumn, and roots in winter, Sun Li is all overripe in her breasts.

Sun Li once shared the food eaten throughout the year with netizens on social platforms. She analyzed it and explained it in a succinct manner: In the spring of the recovery of all things, the organ of the body that needs to be taken care of the most is the liver, and the liver corresponds to green, so you should eat more green vegetables in the spring; summer looks hot and dry, but the body is actually very cold. It is necessary to eat more red food to let out the cold air in the body; autumn corresponds to white, eat more lotus root, white fungus, yam, pear and other foods; winter corresponds to black, such as black beans and black fungus. s Choice. And said that the more special case is the radish, the radish in winter is better than the ginseng.

Next is the “mono diet”. Sun Li said that the ideal meal consists of fish and meat, full of color, flavor, and taste, and those who can eat are very particular about the combination of food. Life needs to reduce the burden, it is better to reduce the diet. When you eat, you don’t need to pursue the richness and variety of dishes, but to advocate simplicity and eat only one protein for a meal. In short, if you already eat fish for a meal, you don’t need to eat protein in other foods (shrimp, beef, mutton, or other meat).

The third is “light fasting”. Sun Li does a light fast every week to adjust her diet and body. Among them, her favorite is “16+8 light fasting method”. That is, 16 hours without eating, 8 hours of concentrated eating, and this time period is fixed.

In addition to sharing some health tips on the Internet, Sun Li also publishes homemade health food. Such as warming ginger milk tea, ginger juice, healthy black sesame paste… each one is simple and easy to learn.

Sun Li, who has outstanding performance in acting, lives a relaxed and relaxed life. Even in the high-paying period of the entertainment industry, she is quite picky about scripts, and she takes up one or two plays every year. She often takes her two children to make handicrafts, paint, write calligraphy, and travel. She has always been quite self-disciplined. She is well versed in “medicine supplements are worse than food supplements”. She arranges recipes according to the changes of the seasons. No matter how busy or tired she is, she will eat breakfast well. If she is not at home, she prepares a delicious breakfast for her family every day.

Deng Chao has been running and dancing for nearly 20 years as a regular team member of the variety show “Running Brothers”. Recently, he participated in the program “Hahahahaha” and underwent a medical examination with the other members. The physical examination report showed that Deng Chao’s basal metabolic age was only 27 years old, which made him happy to run and jump several times on the scene. On the other hand, the talk show actor Li Dan, who was 10 years younger than him, found out that his metabolic age was 47 years old. Deng Chao held the other’s hand proudly, and said with a smile, “I understand, please explain.” Live up to your trust.”

Sun Li recently shared Deng Chao’s chat records on Weibo, saying that Deng Chao, who is “15 years younger”, did not call her “Mr. Sun” as before, but changed her name to “Sir”. During the conversation, Deng Chao laughed and said that he dreamed that Sun Li was supervising him to lose weight, which made him so hungry that he couldn’t sleep. The humorous interaction of the couple made netizens laugh.

Sun Li, who is very good at life, said that health preservation does not require any delicacies of mountains and seas, but it is just a return to the daily life of firewood, rice, oil and salt.

Responsible editor: Yang Ming

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