Dengue fever: 77% reduction in mosquitoes infected with bacteria-BBC News

  • James Gallagher
  • BBC Health and Science reporter

Image source,World Mosquito Programme

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Wolbachia can reduce the ability of mosquitoes to transmit dengue fever

Scientists said that a “breakthrough” test conducted in Indonesia showed that dengue fever cases were reduced by 77% after infecting mosquitoes that transmit dengue fever with special bacteria.

It is Aedes aegypti that can transmit dengue fever, and researchers infected Aedes aegypti with Wolbachia (Wolbachia), this bacterium can reduce the ability of mosquitoes to transmit dengue fever.

The research team of the World Mosquito Programme stated that the results of this experiment conducted in Yogyakarta, Indonesia are good and will be extended to other places to fight against dengue fever. It is expected to solve this infectious disease that has been epidemic in many parts of the world.

Fifty years ago, few people had heard of dengue fever, a tropical disease, but now dengue fever has gradually become a global pandemic infectious disease, with a rapid increase in confirmed cases.

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