Dengue kills again

For 8 weeks now, the number of dengue cases has been steadily decreasing. The values ​​nevertheless remain well above the seasonal threshold. And serious forms, fatal for one, continue to be diagnosed.

During the last week, 280 clinical cases were recorded, or about half of the clinical cases recorded the previous week (500 cases estimated, or – 44%). Since the start of the epidemic in mid-October 2019, nearly 22,280 clinically suggestive cases of dengue have been estimated in town medicine. The epidemic has been going on for nearly 15 months …

In Grande-Terre, Saint-François has the highest incidence rate in Guadeloupe (210 cases per 10,000 inhabitants). In Basse-Terre, Petit-Bourg and Vieux-Habitants record significant cumulative incidences, respectively 187 and 119 cases per 10,000 inhabitants.

Since the start of surveillance of serious cases and deaths, three serious cases have been reported by the intensive care units of the CHU and CHBT, two of whom have died. One of the deaths occurred in September, the other last week. He is a man in his sixties who did not present any co-morbidities. These two deaths are directly linked to dengue. So let’s remain cautious.


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