Dennis Schröder’s restart at the Boston Celtics: “Money is not everything”

Dennis Schröder has to deliver after his move to the Boston Celtics. In the new NBA season he is playing for his future.

Dennis Schröder floated in Boston in a private jet, and a little later Germany’s basketball star moved into the chic new family home with his wife Ellen and their two children. The 28-year-old opens a crucial chapter in his career with the NBA record champions Boston Celtics. After the failed million-dollar poker game at the Los Angeles Lakers, he has to prove himself again.

“I just want to win, win everything. Everything else doesn’t count,” said Schröder after his arrival at the end of September. In preparation he had teething problems, he suffered a slight bruise in his knee. The dress rehearsal at the Miami Heat put the Celtics in the sand, Schröder was in the starting lineup and got 13 points in around 26 minutes of playing time. It will be serious in the coming week.

Right from the start, from the tip-off of the opening game on Thursday at the New York Knicks, Schröder is in the focus of critics. He was ridiculed when he turned down a $ 84 million offer for four years with the Lakers last season.

In the end, he had to settle for a one-year contract worth 5.9 million. Schröder does not see that he has “gambled away”. “I’m 28 years old and I’ll be playing in the NBA for a long time. Money isn’t everything,” said the international: “I want to feel comfortable in a situation in which I know that people appreciate me.”


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