The Valparaíso Regional Prosecutor’s Office received a complaint for alleged embezzlement against the former presidents Eduardo Frei, Michelle Bachelet and Ricardo Lagos. The action points to the resources that have continued to be paid to the ex-presidents for transfer, despite the restrictions on movement due to the pandemic. Amounts that have been paid regularly since March.

These amounts are part of the allocations that the former presidents receive as part of your diet for life. As published on the Senate’s transparency website, about 14 million pesos have been allocated for this concept.

The Executive Director of Chile Transparente, Alberto Precht, said that we must be careful with the use of public resources and that we must analyze the situation of those that are not being used for the purposes for which they were intended.

The Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation and has already requested information from the Senate. According to the same website of the Upper House, Those who would have received these monies are former presidents Frei and Lagos, while Michelle Bachelet does not record payments for this item.

As indicated ThirdRicardo Lagos would have asked to return these amounts.