depa joins forces with TGA – Infofed to announce the results of the top 4 Thai game development teams in the depa Game Accelerator Program, ready to be world-class

On May 28, 2021, the Digital Economy Promotion Agency, in collaboration with the Thai Game Software Industry Association and Infofed Co., Ltd., announced the winners of the depa Game Accelerator Program Batch #1 from the top 4 categories before all of them will continue their work. with Nintendo (Licensed Developer) and business matching opportunities with game industry investors including real market game trials to open for opinions from real players before being released both domestically and internationally

Dr. Nattapon Nimmanphatcharin chief executive Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) revealed that digital content plays a role in people’s daily lives in society and has a direction of continuous expansion. especially the game industry because there are new business models according to the development of technology As a result, the business sector in the Thai gaming industry is likely to grow exponentially.

“For this reason, depa cooperated with Thai Game Software Industry Association (TGA) and Infofed Company Limited implemented the project. depa Game Accelerator Program Batch #1 with an objective to promote Thai game operators Especially game developers who are considered the starting point of the ecosystem. Both in terms of policies that will help Thai game developers have advanced global standards. able to compete with entrepreneurs from abroad including business matching promotion activities and other related work which such project is counted as Accelerator Program for the gaming industry for the first time in Thailand,” said Depa Chief Executive Officer.

side Mr. Nenin Anan Banchachai The president of the Thai Game Software Industry Association said that the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak has resulted in a peel-down. As a result, the game’s popularity has increased significantly. Currently, Thailand has 27.8 million gamers, accounting for 41% of the total population. According to Newzoo, the leader in eSports gaming market survey and global marketing consulting partner for companies interested in the gaming market, by 2020, the gaming market generates $159 billion or approximately 4.9 Trillion Thai Baht and has a tendency to grow continuously It is estimated that by 2023 the gaming market will generate more than 200 billion US dollars.

“Such factors make it possible to believe that In the near future, there will be more investment in the Thai gaming industry and more personnel. In addition, we may see a group of gaming industry emerging in the stock market. which will be a new industry group for investors to have access to,” said Mr. Nenin.

side Mr. Jirayot Theppipit Chief Executive Officer And the founder of Infofed Co., Ltd. said that games are entertainment media that will be more important in the future. both technological advances and new business models Can interact with players longer than other digital content. which the game will be successful In addition to making players feel fun as well. must also attract players to invite friends to play the game and expand the ecosystem of games to support various business models so the project depa Game Accelerator Program Batch #1 Therefore, it is an important mechanism to drive the Thai gaming industry. by encouraging game developers to have design potential Empowering global developers and produce quality games

The best 4 works from the best game developers in the depa Game Accelerator Program Batch #1 that have been selected in the final of each category are:
1) Action game category: IGLOO STUDIO – Bounty Brawl
2) Games in the Adventure category, namely Plastique Co., Ltd. – RRR Express
3) Strategy games: Fairplay Studios – at your service
4) and game category Sport (Casual Game) namely Warisoft Company Limited – Pakapow party

All 4 teams will be given the opportunity to continue their work with Nintendo (Licensed Developer) with support for the game development kit. and presentations to investors in the gaming industry for business matching or Business Matching, including a channel to promote games in the real market to get opinions Feedback from the players and apply it to their own game before being released on the market both domestically and abroad

Interested parties can follow the project. depa Game Accelerator Program Batch #1 at Facebook Page: depa game accelerator program or


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