Department of Disease Control unlocks HIV self-test kits Prepared to sell in drugstores across the country.

31 Aug. 21 – Dr. Preecha Prempri, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Disease Control Discuss the situation of HIV infection. in Thailand that now Thailand has implemented a political declaration declaring its commitment to end AIDS by 2030, or in the next nine years, with three main goals: reducing the number of new HIV infections to no more than 1,000/year; not more than 4,000 deaths from AIDS / year and reduce hatred, stigma and discrimination against infected people or patients by 90 percent. The results of the work have been cooperated by relevant agencies and civil society networks. society as well, making the situation of HIV infection In the country is now getting better The number of new infections has decreased, with 4,855 cases in the past year 2020.

Dr. Preecha said that the measures that Thailand will adopt to solve the AIDS problem in 2021 is to encourage people with risk behaviors. You can use the initial infection screening kit yourself. The Department of Disease Control has driven together with the Department of Medical Sciences. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), other agencies since 2015 onwards according to the resolution of the National Committee on Prevention and Solution to AIDS. In order to encourage people to know their infection status, in 2021, there are 2 types of test kits that have been registered and certified by the FDA, namely, a test kit for HIV infection from fingertip blood testing. within 1 minute and the saliva test kit can read the result in 20 minutes, ready for sale in modern pharmacies across the country since the end of Aug. 2021 onwards, which will be in line with the restrictions in the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19 make people with risky behavior or suspected of being infected can’t go to the hospital to check for infection as usual This test will allow the public to use it as a primary screening test for infection. in order to know the status of their infection quickly and check again at the hospital If found to be infected, they will enter the antiretroviral care system in a hospital. across the country quickly according to the right to maintain until it can reduce the virus in the bloodstream and cannot transmit the infection to others

“Self-testing for HIV It is considered a new option to increase accessibility to more infectious disease detection. Especially the group with risk behaviors, 5 main groups, namely, men who have sex with men. group of transgender women service staff group Intravenous drug users and the general public If found to be infected can enter the treatment process quickly which in the future advances in medical technology will lead to adjusting the drug formula to make it easier to eat Both the size and number are reduced. and reduce complications or long-term effects on the body It will make the infected person have a good quality of life like normal people,” said Dr. Preecha.

On the side of Dr. Cheewanan Lertpiriyasuwat Director of the Division of AIDS and STDs added that The 20th AIDS Society’s Workshop on August 22, 2021 compared the epidemic situation of HIV infection and COVID-19 caused by virus-like infection. together But the severity and guidelines for disease prevention and control require different methods and technologies for screening and treatment. HIV has been a global epidemic since 1981. Until now, nearly 40 years ago, there were 37.7 million infections worldwide and 36 million deaths. The infection is caused by sex and blood. There are currently antiviral treatments. and has a very good result Can greatly reduce the number of HIV virus in the bloodstream. Vaccines to protect against HIV Currently, the study is in phase 3, so the main preventive measures will also focus on promoting condom use every time you have sex, including pre-exposure prophylaxis of antiretroviral therapy (Prep). PrEP). In summary, the problem of HIV infection has a high global impact.

As for the situation of HIV infection in Thailand from 1984-2020, totaling almost 36 years, there were 462,376 total surviving cases. In 2020, there were 4,855 new cases, 11,882 deaths. living organisms 94.3 percent knew their infection status. Currently, 83.5 percent are in the treatment system in hospitals nationwide with antiretroviral therapy. Of these, 97.2% are confident that we will be successful in suppressing the virus. Solving problems with goals


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