Department stores attracted by the “second hand”

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Commerce » Brands like Manor, Jelmoli and Loeb are entering the second-hand market.

The Swiss department stores Manor, Jelmoli and Loeb are starting to offer their customers the possibility of acquiring second-hand fashion products, whether in the luxury segment or at more affordable prices. Driven by consumers and more restrictive regulations for the textile sector, the second-hand market is expected to develop strongly over the next few years.

Manor, in collaboration with the French company Tilt Vintage, has opened a store in Geneva and Basel in particular where customers can buy clothes and accessories already worn, some of which date from the 1960s to the 1990s.

“We are convinced that the protection of the environment passes, among other things, through this kind of initiative. As the transformation of the fashion industry has begun, there will be more better and second-hand items in the future, ”said Manor’s Fashion Manager for Women, Delphine Perruche.

Two types of clientele are particularly interested in this type of article: young people who are looking for more sporty brands called streetwear and older fashion lovers looking for special pieces. “They are 15 to 60 years old and ecology is an important topic for them”, relates Delphine Perruche. The prices of the products offered vary between 25 and 150 francs. Among the most popular items are t-shirts and leather clothing.

However, the manager points out that the lower margins in the second-hand sector compared to new clothes can be a brake on the expansion of this category of products.

Big stores Jelmoli in Zurich and Loeb in Bern have for their part decided to work in particular with Reawake, a Zurich boutique specializing in the second-hand luxury fashion segment. “Even though we started our collaboration with Jelmoli in the midst of a pandemic in March 2020, Reawake is developing very well,” says Rea Bill, the founder of the brand. ATS / AWP

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