Deportivo Binacional vs. LDU LIVE ESPN 2: Jean Deza suffered an injury to his ankle and is caught crying while being treated | Video | Libertadores Cup

Jean Deza, footballer of Binational Sports, was the victim of a strong infraction at 77 ‘of the match against LDU for the Liberators cup, which caused him to injure his right ankle and leave the field of play to give up his position to Anthony Osorio.

As expected, the ‘Mouse’ could not avoid the pain and did not stand up anymore, almost immediately asking for his change. His gestures showed it all: the blow had been a KO for his ankle and his aspirations to seek the tie.

After leaving the court, the attacker in the box Juliaca was captured by the images of the transmission while he was being bandaged with ice in the affected area, although there was an additional detail that attracted a lot of attention and was also worrying.

And it is that Deza began to cry while being treated by the medical staff of Deportivo Binacional, which makes us believe that the seriousness of his injury is to be considered and that he could leave him for some time without doing what he likes the most: playing soccer.

To the bad luck of Javier Arce’s team, the result on the scoreboard would not move anymore and would end 1-0 in favor of the LDU of Quito, so the Binacional remains the last place in group D of the Copa Libertadores with 3 points .

It should be noted that the next game for the Peruvian team is for the local league, when this Friday they face Deportivo Llacuabamba at 1:00 pm at the stadium Ivan Elias Moreno from Villa el Salvador.


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