Deputies will investigate use of millionaire credit for MEP works

  • Juan Carlos Bolaños’ company left some works thrown away

  • Legislators accuse the MEP of poor execution and lack of control of resources

The authorities of the Ministry of Public Education were questioned by deputies of the Infrastructure Commission. (Courtesy / Dispatch of David Gourzong).

( -The Legislative Assembly will investigate the use that the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) god to a millionaire credit signed by the Government with the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) for the financing of Infrastructure works educational.

This was stated by deputies of the Infrastructure Commission, after MEP authorities requested this Tuesday archive an initiative of law to authorize the continuity of the draft construction and equipment of national educational infrastructure.

This, even though it was his own Executive power who presented the initiative for extend the term of the trust by means of which the projects are built, but now he has requested that the file be filed with the argument that there are no more resources.

The request was made by the Administrative Deputy Minister of the MEP, Steven González, in a hearing in which Carlos Rodríguez, director of the Project Supervisory Unit, also participated.

According to a report that the MEP authorities gave to the legislators, the loan of $ 167 million, approved in 2013, would be to finance the construction of 103 projects: 79 educational centers Y 24 covered courts.

However, as of November 2020, only 47 projects to the communities. Of the total works, there are 8 that are unfinished, some of them awarded to the firm JCB-Rock Constructions, from the Chinese cement importer, Juan Carlos Bolaños.

The value of the works delivered amounts to $ 130,787 million and the cost of the 8 unfinished works is $ 19,340 million.

Legislator David Gourzong, from the PLN, recalled that the case comes from the Solís Rivera administration. (File / CRH).

Deputy David Gourzong, from the National Liberation Party (PLN) and a member of the Infrastructure Commission, described the way in which the financing of the projects was managed as regrettable.

“It is unfortunate because we have a large population of children and youth that they deserve decent conditions to receive their education, as well as the educators who teach the lessons. With this, a lots of expectations in different regions of the country that are always abandoned, mainly in the rural areas“, said.

According to the liberationist, with the resources that remained from the credit, works could only be developed in approximately 7 educational centers.

“Things have to be done completely. We have a reality of the inefficiency with this trust. We will have to support an investigation motion to clearly understand where the ruling was, if it was lack of planning, if they were problems of administrative contracting and management, and if there are people in charge in this matter ”, he mentioned.

He assured that the legislators of the commission can not only archive the file, but that it is necessary call to appear those responsible.

“When we see the names of the companies that left the abandoned works, we are also surprised that they were led by some people widely known for some research cases in the Prosecutor’s office. This comes from the government of Luis Guillermo Solis RiveraHe added.

Deputy Paola Valladares, of the PLN, stressed that the commission will bring in those who have to investigate. (File / CRH).

Your bench partner Paola Valladares, who chairs the commission, maintained that a lot of edges on the table are in evidence that should be clarified.

“The lack of protection for students who have to take classes in the middle of leaks, in tents or places that are flooded, as if they had no rights (…) On the other hand, the mismanagement of a trust that does not meet the objective and an Executive that wash your handsHe declared.

The congresswoman said that it is unacceptable that “$ 167 million are lost and that we continue here without knowing where they are ”.

“We are all paying for the party that is handled here. Here we are going to investigate at the infrastructure level and we are going to see many sitting here to the front, because it is not possible that nothing happens here (…) We are going to open an investigation into this waste of resources, ”added Valladares.

Independent congressman Dragos Dolanescu expressed that he is concerned that the cement network has reached the MEP. (File / CRH).

The Independent Congressman Dragos Dolanescu He assured that every day new information about businesses that have been distributed some in the administrations of the ruling Party Citizen Action (PAC).

“I am concerned that the tentacles of the Cementazo corruption network have reached the MEP. One is surprised to learn that Juan Carlos Bolaños’ companies appear as part of those responsible for bad spending and squandering money of an IDB loan, for more than ¢ 100 billion, which was for the construction of schools in different regions of the country, which due to poor execution and lack of supervision by the MEP, only 55 were built, when 103 works had been screened“, He opined.

Dolanescu maintained that “they were 8 other schools completely eliminated and nobody gives explanations of what exactly happened. Nothing is known of more than ¢ 13 billion that they had already turned and that they vanished for magic art. Without fear of being wrong, I am sure that little by little, they will come to light more sausages on the net than the PAC rode and with which they have been bleeding, little by little, the public treasury. They became so carebarros that they no longer care to touch the resources destined for the education of our boys and girls ”, he concluded.

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