Deputies will maintain insurance for major medical expenses

Reforms to the law have been proposed so that deputies can be insured through the ISSSTE or the IMSS, but the proposal has not reached consensus

San Luis Potosí, SLP.- The local deputy, Mauricio Ramírez Konishi, president of the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo) of the State Congress, pointed out that some deputies declined to have insurance for major medical expenses, the annual cost of which amounts to little more 2.5 million pesos, so although this benefit exists, not all deputies enjoy this insurance. He mentioned that in 2021 this benefit will remain in force and it will be the responsibility of each legislator whether or not they accept the insurance.

Ramírez Konishi pointed out that although more was said about the Morena deputies who renounced this insurance, there are also deputies from other political parties who did; indicated that the insurance for major medical expenses will be maintained because several legislators have medical treatment so it is difficult to “leave them in a state of helplessness and medical uncertainty.”

The legislator indicated that medical expenses insurance is a benefit that has been in place since past legislatures, it is not something that has been implemented in this legislature, and is in accordance with the regulations, although he pointed out that if it is being managed to have an insurance from Congress itself , since the congress does not have a legal personality that allows it to subscribe to the ISSSTE because it still continues to use the RFC with the State Government, “the procedures are being carried out so that it already has its own RFC and thus be able to open a contract with the ISSSTE for the insurance of medical expenses “.

Finally, he recalled that in this legislature it has been proposed that reforms be made to the law so that deputies can be insured through the ISSSTE or the IMSS and save what is disbursed in private insurance, however, the proposal has not achieved the consensus, although personally he said he did not agree with being without medical coverage, which is why he decided not to give up this insurance, as other legislators did.

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