Deputy Berger resigns from RN: “I have convinced myself that things are not going to change” | National

On Wednesday morning, Deputy Bernardo Berger confirmed his resignation from the National Renewal militancy, after 25 years in the party.

The parliamentarian for the Los Ríos region pointed out through a letter that “after these years, I have unfortunately been convinced that things are not going to change “.

The letter, sent to the party president, Rafael Prohens, added that sIt will continue to be part of Chile. and that it will continue to share the principles of the center-right.

Along with saying that during his 25 years in the party he reaped “triumphs” in his various positions of public election, in recent years he observed a modus operandi in the region that ended with the loss of “valuable leaders”, who would have ended up tired “of the harassment, the persecution and the doors in their faces.”

He also pointed out that the lack of regional leadership caused the party to disconnect from the Government, no opinion on major citizen issues.

“We lose militants, disappointed in the bad practices, bullying, vertical decisions with our backs to the rank and file. They are forms of action thate repeat the sight and patience of the irregular functioning, or rightly the absence, of internal instances of control and participation, ”said Berger.

Regarding future elections, he stated that “we have nothing.” “Politics is not a personal adventure, less a whim. It is the result of a team effort to put the best at the disposal of a collective project, under the conviction of seeking the best for our country. However, in my region this has not been the case for a long time ”added.

Finally, about the resignation he indicated that he is leaving “Disappointed in the utter lack of will to remedy the course of those who, with poor driving, have led us to the state of affairs in which we are today in Los Ríos ”.

The full letter from Deputy Bernardo Berger is available below:


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