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The 32nd Olympic Games are in full swing in Tokyo. After reciting the “Three Bells” on July 25th, the Pope greeted the contestants and organizers of the Olympic Games, calling it a “sports event.” Mgr Sanchez, Deputy Secretary-General of the Holy See Cultural Committee: At this difficult time of the epidemic, the Olympic Games is an event of hope.

(Vatican News Network)Medal winners from various Olympic competitions have been released in Tokyo. The victors cried with joy, and the losers came home with feathers. This is often the case in sports events: people often only remember the names of the winners. For other players, participating in the competition, doing their best, and making progress can be satisfying. On the occasion of the opening of the 32nd Olympic Games in Tokyo, Pope Francis offered his blessings to the organizers, contestants and all collaborators at the end of the Three Bells Prayer on Sunday, July 25, and called it “Sports Grand event”.

During this epidemic, Pope Francis wishes that the Olympic Games will become a symbol of hope and universal friendship in a healthy competition. The Pope’s remarks point out the deep significance of the Olympics; for the Olympics, which were postponed due to the epidemic and held at the risk of infection, the significance is even more profound. In this regard, Ms. Melchor Sanchez de Toca, Deputy Secretary-General of the Holy See Cultural Committee and Chairman Emeritus of the Vatican Athletes Association, explained to this news website how the Olympic Games can bring hope in such a difficult time around the world.

Ms. Sanchez emphasized that before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the International Olympic Committee revised the Olympic motto, adding “more unity” to the original “faster, higher, and stronger” (Citius, Altius, Fortius). “(Communiter). Ms. Sanchez pointed out that this decision responds to Pope Francis’s “Brothers” encyclical and restores the true meaning of this competitive event: Although athletes play alone in the competition, sports actually requires the participation of everyone. And abide by the principles of unity and fair competition. At the time of the epidemic, everyone should remember: “No one can be rescued alone, but they must be saved together.”

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