Deputy tries to protest from prison

The elected federal deputy of the PRD, Rogelio Franco Castán, who is imprisoned in Veracruz accused of extortion, abuse of authority and acts against the administration of justice, tried to protest as a member of the 65th Legislature, through a letter that was sent to the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies.

The unpublished events occurred during the constitutive session of the 65th Legislature, in which the elected deputies rendered the protest of the law, at which time it was revealed that Franco Castán tried to do the same with a letter that was received at 12:24 p.m. Yesterday.

“He attentively requested him, with the powers granted by the Constitution, to dictate the necessary measures to guarantee the full exercise of my political rights.

“I protest to keep and keep the Constitution and the laws that emanate from it and to loyally and patriotically carry out the position of deputy to the 65th Legislature of the Chamber of Deputies of Congress that the people have conferred on me, if I do not do so, that the nation demands it of me, I protest what is necessary!

“And in your case, I hope to be compelled to ratify the content of this letter,” he said in the letter that was received by the president of the Deans’ Board, Augusto Gómez Villanueva (PRI), and read by the secretary in turn, Leonel Godoy Rangel (Brunette).

The letter reads: “The undersigned, Rogelio Franco Castán, through this channel I protest as a member of the 65th Legislature, this given the material impossibility of doing so due to being unjustly deprived of my freedom by the authorities of the Veracruz government, despite the fact that the presumption of innocence operates to my benefit …

“And I have safe my political rights, as manifested in the certificate of assignment of elected deputies and by the principle of proportional representation signed by the president and secretary of the General Council of the INE, which is attached to this in original”, abounded.

At the end of the reading, President Augusto Gómez Villanueva only stated: “Entered.” After the events, the leader of the PRD in San Lázaro, Luis Espinosa Cházaro, warned that by protesting from a distance, Franco is already a deputy, so he has jurisdiction “and must be released immediately.” Otherwise, he warned, they will request an amparo.


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