Derailment: CP train spills chemicals in North Dakota

About 30 cars from a Canadian Pacific train derailed in North Dakota, spilling various chemicals into the environment.

According to local media, 31 cars out of a total of 70 overturned around 11:15 p.m., possibly due to a broken track.

In particular, liquid asphalt contained in four cars spilled over the derailment site. Luckily, the flammable liquid spilled into the snow, limiting the risk of fire, Valley News Online reported.

Two other cars leaked ethylene glycol, a product used as a coolant. Another car also cracked and leaked propene, a gas used in the petrochemical industry, but the leak was plugged.

The various chemicals remained at the derailment site. There are no watercourses nearby.

Authorities said the cleanup will take seven to 10 days, Valley News Online said.

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