Desensitization & Treatment for Pollen Allergy: Effective Methods & Products

2023-06-09 15:00:00

Avoidance of the allergen is possible in some cases. But the most effective way to treat a pollen allergy permanently is through desensitization. This specific immunotherapy consists of exposing a person to their allergen for several years, at progressive doses. This action stimulates the immune system and makes the person tolerant to the substance. Exposure can be done by subcutaneous injection or by sublingual intake according to the recommendations of the allergist. This method is particularly effective for pollen. The effects appear after a few months.

For symptoms that affect the nose, there are several possibilities. The allergic person can use a corticosteroid-based nasal spray, which is usually very effective. In addition, she can take an antihistamine. It is possible to combine the two products at the same time for a more effective action.

As for eye symptoms, the use of artificial tears can reduce allergy-related irritation. There are also eye drops containing antihistamines that are available over the counter. In case of severe symptoms, eye drops containing corticosteroids, delivered on prescription, can be used. Antihistamines taken by mouth can also be very helpful, especially when the throat, ears, or nose are gripped by allergies, according to the MSD Manual.

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