Design presentation of the Williams FW45 for 2023

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A little preview: This week you should make a note of Tuesday and Saturday in particular. Why? Because then two more launches are on the agenda. Already tomorrow we will continue with Alfa Romeo. Here is the full list of open teams:

February 7: Alfa Romeo
11 February: AlphaTauri
February 13: McLaren
13. February: Aston Martin
February 14: Ferrari
February 15: Mercedes
February 16: Alpine

1:16 p.m

Why Verstappen can now be seen on Netflix

Of course we don’t just want to look at Williams today, but also include a few other topics in our ticker. In the past, for example, Max Verstappen boycotted the Netflix series “Drive to Survive”.

In the new season he will now be there! How come? “I always wanted to take part,” the world champion clarifies. “But I’ve always said it has to be realistic.” And that’s exactly what bothered him so far.

In his opinion, the makers of the series exaggerated certain situations. “It has to be a realistic picture of who I am,” he clarifies. That’s why he sat down with Netflix and the makers understood his point of view.

“We’ll see, […] what they made of it,” said Verstappen, whose assessment this time was “positive”. The new season will be released on February 24.

12:58 p.m

Williams in the financial check

My colleague Kevin Hermann took a close look at the Williams team for today’s launch. What is the estimated budget? How many employees does the traditional racing team have? And how much do the drivers earn?

All the answers are here!

11:45 a.m


Williams is one of the oldest teams still active in Formula 1. As a result, the list of previous cars is quite long! To set the mood, we look back at the past Formula 1 cars from Williams.

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