Designation of 25 cryptocurrencies, such as Upbit and KMD…

[농업경제신문=박찬식 기자] Upbit, the largest virtual asset exchange in Korea, has designated 25 cryptocurrencies as stocks of concern.

At around 5:30 pm on the 11th, Upbit announced that it would designate significant stocks for 25 virtual residuals.

Significant stock designation is the same as the subject of delisting substantive review compared to stocks.

Designated stocks are reviewed in detail for one week before final transaction support is decided.

The designated cryptocurrencies are △Komodo △AddX △LBWAL iCredit △Ignis △DMarket △Einsteinium △Twelve Ships △Lambda △Endor △Pixel △Pica △Redcoin △RingX △Byte Token △ITAM △Syscoin. △Basic △NXT △BF Token △Nucleus Vision △Fusion △Flian △Repio Credit Network △Profi △Aragon.

As of 6:38 pm on the same day, among these stocks, Komodo -15.68%, Lambda -27.29%, NXT -25.42%, Profi -23.04%, and LBIR Credit -43.25% fell.

After that, as of 11:52 pm, Komodo -20.52%, Lambda -23.73%, NXT +21.19%, PROFI +34.63%, LBIR Credit -40.28%, etc., except for NXT, all fell.

In the case of significant items, if the reason for designation is not fully explained during the explanation period, the transaction support will be terminated.

[알림] This article is for investment judgment reference only, and we are not responsible for any investment loss based on it.

By Park Chan-sik, staff reporter


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