Desperate search for a footballer who tried to swim across a stream and couldn’t get out

He threw himself with his brother into the water and could not get out.

The Uruguayan footballer Franco Acosta is missing after will throw himself with his brother into the waters of the Pando stream, in Montevideo, unable to leave when he tried to cross it.

The National Navy of Uruguay deployed means by water and land in search of the 25-year-old that he disappeared into the waters, an event that was alerted by the footballer’s brother, who was able to get out of the stream by his own means.

The National Navy, the body that carried out the search, reported that it is Franco Acosta, ex-footballer for Fénix, Villarreal and the Uruguayan U-20 team in 2015. He is currently part of the Atenas de San Carlos club.

Franco Acosta, footballer.

The Navy reported that at 1:30 p.m. personnel from the Subprefecture of the City of the Coast was alerted to the disappearance of Acosta, who was trying to swim across the stream in the company of his brother, who was able to leave and went in search of help.

Quickly, the Sea Search and Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) activated its system, deploying rescue personnel to the area in conjunction with the Prefecture of Canelones and the Marine Infantry Command. Likewise, support was requested from the Diving and Rescue Group, reported Montevideo Portal.

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Pablo González, spokesman for the army, said that Acosta was trying to cross the stream from east to west, when he could no longer stand and a short time later he lost sight of him. Some witnesses realized that near the place many people practiced water sports, so they are looking for people who can provide information about what happened.

The Navy reported that “At the moment an intense search by water is being carried out with three boats and on foot along the coast, without obtaining favorable results.”


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