Despite covid-19, parents take children to ask for ‘calaverita’ in Neza

Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive.


Although in the State of Mexico the pantheons were closed to avoid crowds, and merchants were prohibited from delivering sweets, at night they could not prevent families with children from going out to ask for ‘calaverita’.

Well, because it is a tradition that all Mexicans have at the end of the day because we all carry it in our blood and for the children to be distracted, ”said María Eugenia, a neighbor of Nezahualcóyotl.

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Thus, a great pilgrimage was registered in municipalities such as Ixtapaluca, Chicoloapan and Nezahualcóyotl, where most of them, disguised and without masks, took the children through the streets.

To de-stress a bit of what is happening, children, the illusion of children is to come and ask for ‘calaverita’ “, said Gabriela Múñoz, who was not wearing a mask.

At some points, such as Chicoloapan, there were pellets exhorting the population to stay in their homes, but they were not listened to, while in Ixtapaluca, in some places where they gave away sweets, people gathered.

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Because it is a tradition that is done every year and he constantly asked me when it would be (…) if we are afraid but it is the illusion of a child, we do not want to kill his illusion as a child ”, shared Irene, another of the neighbors .

While in other municipalities such as Ecatepec, parties were held that were dispersed by the police.

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