Despite her criticism against coach Corinne Deacon, captain Amandine Henry recalled to the France team

Rarely has a list announcement for the French women’s football team been so scrutinized. But Thursday, November 19, if the words of Corinne Deacon were dissected, the reason was not sporting. After strong criticism against Amandine Henry, captain of the Bleues, Sunday on Canal +, the speech of the coach of the Blue was expected. And if Corinne Deacon tried to highlight the two qualifying matches for Euro 2022 – against Austria and Kazakhstan – she started with a clarification: ” At the question Can she hold [et rester en place] ?, The answer is yes. ”

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Weakened by public criticism of its captain, package due to injury in September and not selected for “Sporting reason” in October, reporting tensions “Heavy and negative” in the French cloakroom and a « chaos total », Corinne Deacon remained upright in her boots. “I have heard the critical statements, but now is not the time to deal with this problem as our team play their Euro qualification”, underlined the French coach, before unveiling her list of 23 selected players.

Among them, Amandine Henry is back in the blue jersey. His non-selection during the rally “Was not an affront but a decision at the moment T. It is there, I hope that it will be concentrated on the objective which comes”, said the coach, who will leave the captain’s armband to the Lyon midfielder.

With a firm tone, smiling and without the slightest aggression, Corinne Deacon navigated through the many questions on the atmosphere within the France team. Questioned for his rigorous – if not rigid – management, the French coach has dismissed the hypothesis of a resignation: “My commitment is total. I remain standing, I am supported by my president and the players as well. “

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“Unacceptable to put on a show of quarrels”

Faced with the sling, led by players from Olympique Lyonnais, the best club in France and Europe for years, the president of the French Football Federation, Noël Le Graët, reaffirmed his support for the coach, Monday , in an interview at The team. While wishing to ease tensions: “Being in conflict with the best players in France is not sustainable. »

“We shouldn’t have this kind of problem at this level. Everyone must make an effort ”, criticized the boss of French football, announcing a meeting with the team and the staff during the rally. And Thursday, Corinne Deacon took his wheel. “It is unacceptable to put on a spectacle of personal quarrels. The president said it, we must stop all this, and I will stop all this, without denying my values. If there is a need for questioning, I am ready, I will open it up to those interested. The problems, we’ll fix them face to face and I won’t use the media for that. “ Before concluding, with a tackle recalling her past as an international central defender: “We haven’t won any title with the France team, which we have in common. “

In addition to Amandine Henry, the coach called the usual executives from Lyon, Wendie Renard, Amel Majri, Eugénie Le Sommer and Delphine Cascarino. But did not respond to the call of the foot of Lyon goalkeeper Sarah Bouhaddi who, after stepping back and criticizing Deacon, opened the door to a return on Wednesday.

The French women’s football team – and its captain – will meet after the weekend. With, as Corinne Deacon hammered, for priority to win the qualification for the next Euro. Before solving his problems out of sight.

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