Despite the crisis, Emmanuel Macron is already thinking about 2022

Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace, February 16.

Giving the feeling of improvising sometimes requires a minimum of preparation. On the evening of February 2, Emmanuel Macron intends to regain control of the stammering vaccination campaign launched in France since the Christmas holidays. It brought together by videoconference, at the Elysee, representatives of pharmaceutical companies to ask them to speed up their production rates. A team from TF1’s “Newspaper de 20 heures” was invited to the Palais to conduct a live interview with the Head of State after these discussions.

No one is aware of this presidential speech, neither the press nor the members of the government. Emmanuel Macron has the firm intention of promising a vaccine to every French person by the end of the summer. His image advisor, Arnaud Jolens, refused TF1’s proposal to install two cameras to film the interview. One will suffice. He also insisted that the president stand in front of a door, in order to give the impression of an interview taken in the open, at work. ” The hard “, as they say at the Château. The “coup” will make the “front page” of the newspapers.

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It might sound like the beginnings of a presidential campaign. Unpredictable, on the move. With this dose of optimism, above all, which made the success of Emmanuel Macron in 2017, want to believe his relatives.

For several weeks, his entourage has pleaded for prospects to be given to the French in this interminable coronavirus crisis. ” It is One endless day, except that you have neither the groundhog nor Andie MacDowell, it still gives a much worse film ”, we joke at the Elysee. It will be better at the start of the school year, repeat the ministers. To get a happy end in 2022, we must get out of the “War” against the virus. Despite his feats of arms, Churchill had been ousted from power by the voters of the United Kingdom in 1945, as if to atone for the memory of the Second World War.

“Returning to the essence of what macronism is”

But, officially, there is no question of evoking the next presidential election. Too early. Too indecent, above all, while the French are still confined to their homes between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m., cannot go to the café or the theater, or leave the country without showing a white footing. Emmanuel Macron also installed a screen during an interview at Brut, beginning of December 2020: “Maybe I won’t be able to be a candidate. “

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