despite the deal, mass arrests continue

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In accordance with the terms of the agreement between Abdallah Hamdok and General Al-Burhane, political figures have been released such as Omar al-Digair, leader of the Sudanese Congress Party or Yasir Arman of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, Faisal Mohammed Saleh, former Minister of Information, as well as Saddiq Saddiq al-Mahdi, of the Umma party. But most detainees remain behind bars and arrests continue according to lawyers.

With our correspondent in Khartoum, Eliott Brachet

Min Hagak is a collective of activist lawyers who try to provide legal support to people detained by the authorities. For Shaheen al-Sharif, the agreement signed on Sunday gives no guarantees.

« Only six of the representatives of the political parties were released. But a large number of them are still detained. Some are targeted by serious charges. On the other hand, no member of the resistance committees arrested has been released despite this agreement signed on Sunday. On the same day, further arrests were made. The purge continues. »

Activists, officials, journalists or simple demonstrations, the collective tries to identify all the arrests across the country.

« Since Sunday, there have been arrests of members of resistance committees in Gedaref, Kassala, el-Obeid or Wad Madani. Most of the time, they appear in emergency courts, as in the days of Omar al-Bashir. Some are accused of disturbing public order, others face more serious charges such as insulting the army or espionage and end up directly in prison. »

According to the count of these lawyers, there have been at least 300 arrests in Khartoum since the coup and nearly a thousand across the country.

“Avoid a bloodbath”

In Sudan, three days after the signing of an agreement between Abdallah Hamdok and General Al-Burhane, the country is on hold. If he rather satisfies the international community, this agreement does not call into question the control of the military on the Sudanese transition.

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Twelve of the seventeen ministers from the Forces for Freedom and Change handed in their resignations to Abdallah Hamdok in person. Many civil society organizations reject and refuse the partnership with the putschists.

72 hours after his return to the post of Prime Minister, Abdallah Hamdok broke his silence on Tuesday 23 November to explain why he had signed an agreement with the military. ” There is no perfect agreement, he told CNN. It is a good agreement, an agreement with which we can work, and which could allow a normalization of the situation, and allow the country to move forward. We signed this agreement in order to save the lives of our people, to avoid a bloodbath, and to get the country back on track. This agreement has the potential to unblock the situation. But above all it can allow us to return to a political process which will lead us to elections and the transfer of power to an elected government and allow the people to choose the government of their choice. »

Abdallah Hamdok also added that he would work towards organizing a credible election in 2023, as provided for by the peace accords. New demonstrations are planned for Thursday.


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