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German doppelgangers of world famous landscapes and buildings

Landscapes like in Provence, a pyramid like in Paris – it is amazing how exotic many places in Germany seem. Anyone traveling through the country will discover numerous alleged doppelgangers between the Alps and the coast.

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Kira Hanser

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Lüneburg Heath

Violet flowers in the Lüneburg Heath …

Source: heideblende – via Holiday Verlag

Lavender fields in Provence (France)

… and in Provence

Quelle: Alexandre –

Purple landscapes as far as the eye can see. Provence or Lüneburg Heath, lavender fields or heather flowers? Amazingly similar, at least at first glance. A glass pyramid – one is often photographed and is known to be in front of the Louvre in Paris, the other in tranquil Ulm.

Colorful bath houses are exotic photo opportunities on the beaches around Cape Town in South Africa like in Muizenberg Beach – but the colorful houses on Helgoland are in no way inferior to them.

A leaning tower? You know it from Italy, but what do the people from Bad Frankenhausen say about their landmark? “What is the Leaning Tower of Pisa? We have the Oberkirchturm … and it is slate! ”Says the homepage.

And indeed, the tallest steeple in the church tower is located in Bad Frankenhausen, Thuringia, because its 56-meter-high spire has fallen 4.60 meters from the plumb line and is therefore more oblique than the Leaning Tower of Pisa, at only 3.96 Meters from the plumb.

Lobster booths on Helgoland

The colorful houses on Helgoland …

Source: pa / HAFEN-FOTOS.D / Petra Schumacher

Bathhouses on the beach at Muizenberg in South Africa

… are in no way inferior to the famous bath houses on the beach at Muizenberg in South Africa

Quelle: Getty Images

Anyone traveling through Germany can discover many alleged doppelgangers between the Alps and the coast. The Dutch quarter in Potsdam, for example, is reminiscent of the Jordaan quarter in Amsterdam, and the Emmerich bridge over the Rhine is often called the “Golden Gate Bridge on the Lower Rhine”, because not only its shape, but also the red paint is reminiscent of its Californian counterpart.

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Would you rather watch bison in Montana or watch bison in the Rothaar Mountains, pink flamingos on the lakes in Chilean San Pedro or in the Zwillbrocker Venn in West Münsterland? Sometimes you don’t have to travel that far to discover amazing things.

The glass pyramid of the central library behind the town hall of Ulm

The glass pyramid of the central library behind the town hall of Ulm …

Source: pA / dpa-tmn

Glass pyramid in the courtyard of the Louvre in Paris

… and her role model in Paris

Quelle: Getty Images

Jens van Rooij has compiled 55 such double goals in the volume “Stay Here!”: “Sometimes it is astonishing how very famous landscapes or buildings around the world resemble their German counterparts or doppelgangers. And sometimes you need a little imagination. The Golden Gate Bridge from the Rhine is not quite as long as its big sister, but an eye-catcher. You won’t find the Mona Lisa in the glass pyramid in Ulm either. ”But you don’t have to be petty.

Jens van Rooij: “Stay Here!”, Holiday, Gräfe and Unzer, 240 p., 24.99 euros

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